Rediscover the greatness of history at The Mozart

Rediscover the greatness of history at The Mozart

Rediscover the greatness of history at The Mozart
- When you come to visit, you will be embraced from the very first moment. It's hard to put into words, but it's everything from the building, to the staff, to the slightly magical feeling. Since we are located 150 meters from the Charles Bridge and have a view of the castle, it does not exactly make the place any worse, says Stefan Rådström, General Manager.

The history of the hotel The Mozart Prague, or rather the palace it was actually built as originally, dating back to 1628. Here, the Pachta family received their first coat of arms from Archduke Franz Ferdinand II. The coat of arms can still be seen in the original entrance to the palace at Anenské náměstí. A century later, Count Hubert Karel Pachta of Rajov bought a plot of land that was once occupied by four terraced houses from the Middle Ages in order to expand and completely rework the palace. Pachta hired the architect Jan Josef Wirch to innovate, and his source of inspiration was baroque design aesthetics. Wirch incorporated many beautiful baroque motifs throughout the palace, such as a myriad of beautiful colonnades, domes, and extensive trompe-l'œil paintings on the ceiling.

- A wonderful vibe is created with the classic architecture that meets modernity through the renovations that we have had carried out recently. Our hotel also has the best location, with magical sunsets, the view of the castle and the proximity to the old square and the famous astronomical clock, says Stefan.

Mozart - a rebel then and now

Count Pachta and his famous palace Pachtuv soon ended up on everyone's lips as one of the most spectacular estates in the heart of Prague. They also gained a reputation for various types of lavish soirées, as the count and his descendants often entertained countless dignitaries in the palace. The family was big music lovers, and Wagner was a piano teacher for a year to Pachta's daughter and there were rumours of a love story. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his wife Constanze were regulars at the Count's palace because he thought he had found his orchestra in Prague. During one of his stays at Pachtuv Palace, Mozart was symbolically imprisoned by the Count (in what is now Signature Suite 213 - the Mozart Suite) because he had on several occasions promised to compose several dance pieces for him. He was held captive with some blank music sheets and ink, and after several hours Mozart finally finished his famous six German dances, K. 509. Vaclav Havel is also connected to the place as the theatre where he worked is next door to the palace. Here, he wrote many of his works during the 1970’s.

- The hotel has played a role in many historical events, and you can feel the aura of the famous guests who have preceded you. Just about everything is related to the Czech Republic, and each guest is treated to a unique touch, says Stefan.

A place to go regardless of whether you are a guest in Prague or living in Prague

Hotel Mozart should be a place where you feel at home but with a little extra service that provides a silver lining. So come in and let yourself be swept away by our charm, says Stefan. On a day off, you will find him either at Náplavka inhaling the lively atmosphere or in search of the perfect, Prague sunset. You visit The Mozart for the history, the music, the atmosphere, and to feel like an emperor in the heart of Europe.