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Prague's Café Imperial named world's best traditional restaurant
Café Imperial, located on Prague’s Na Poříčí street, has been named as the best traditional restaurant in the world by online eatery catalogue Taste Atlas. Rome’s Da Enzo al 29 restaurant took second place, followed by Commander’s Palace in New Orleans.

Local landmark Café Imperial has been cited as the best traditional restaurant not only in Prague but across the globe in a new list of the 100 greatest traditional restaurants in Prague by Taste Atlas, an online resource that bills itself as an "encyclopedia of flavors, a world atlas of traditional dishes, local ingredients, and authentic restaurants."

"Often visited by the writer Franz Kafka and composer Leos Janacek, Café Imperial has been the most famous 'Grand Cafe House' and restaurant in Prague for the past 100 years," writes Taste Atlas in its roundup."Its luxurious interior features original Art Noveau ceramic wall tiling and mosaic ceiling."