United Kingdom, Ireland
Hyatt Opened Andaz Prague Hotel in Senovážné náměstí
Housed in the former office building, the Sugar Palace, the hotel features 176 rooms, three food and beverage outlets, event space, a fitness centre, and a spa.
Andaz, a brand of Hyatt Hotels, has completed the reconstruction of the Cukrovarnický palác, located on Senovážné náměstí.  The neo-baroque palace was built in 1916 for administrative purposes, and today it is a protected cultural monument.

Takuya Soyama, Vice President of development at Hyatt, said: “Prague has been a popular destination since the Velvet Revolution 30 years ago. The city of Mozart, and Hrabal continues to inspire people to explore its rich offerings. With the addition of Andaz Prague, we are excited for Hyatt to have a brand presence in the three imperial cities of Europe – Vienna, Budapest, and Prague”.

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