We will show you the way to the most beautiful places… In the Czech Republic

We will show you the way to the most beautiful places… In the Czech Republic

Come and enjoy amazing trips! You will find 50,000 miles of marked hiking trails in the Czech Republic.

We will show you the way to the most beautiful places… In the Czech Republic
If you wanted to hike all the marked tourist trails in the Czech Republic, you would walk almost 80 thousand kilometres, which is twice the circumference of the Earth!

Trips along Marked Trails

The history of marked tourist trails is long, and it goes back to the end of the nineteenth century. The Czech Tourist Club takes care of the system of marked trails. It is a non-profit organisation full of enthusiasts who restore the coloured marks on trees, rocks and poles so that no-one gets lost. Every intersection has a signpost that also provides information on the length of the trail to the next signpost.

Tourist hiking trails are for everyone, whether you are a fan of long-distance hikes or a family with small children or strollers. Just choose the right trail. The fit ones can set off on trails that lead through the countryside and are dozens of kilometres long. The Praha – Prčice trail is very popular, as well as the Krkonoše Krakonoš 100. The Trail around the Czech Republic is also gaining popularity. It has 19 stages so far and it takes you along the beautiful countryside of the Czech border. Such long-distance trails require a good fitness, Nordic walking poles and equipment you will carry with you. But do not worry, you can always quickly return to civilisation if you are in emergency or just want to sleep in a bed and take a hot shower.

… And What to Expect on Your Trip?

A lot of adventure! Not only the wilderness, you might not have expected in the middle of Europe, but also interesting points that are worth a visit. The trails always lead to a landmark or an interesting place. You can look forward to lookout towers with far views, castles and châteaux that will enchant you with their beauty, rock formations where you can let your fantasy free, or boat trips on rivers and lakes that will make your hike more interesting. Just choose the right trail, add a few interesting sights into your itinerary and the unforgettable trip, whether for a day or a week, can start.

A Cycling Paradise

The trails are not only for hikers. There are also thousands of kilometres of cycling trails across the country. Some are for long-distance bikers, such as the Elbe or Vltava Trail, which follow these two Czech rivers. There are plenty of beautiful places, you will conquer mountain ridges and ride through beautiful valleys, and you might pass by the chateau in Hluboká nad Vltavou, the romantic castles of Zvíkov or Orlík, or the charming town of Český Krumlov. However, if you are not a huge fan of cycling, you can try one of the easier routes. Such as the Moravian Liechtenstein Trail. It is 39 kilometres long and it will take you through the Lednice Valtice Landscape Area, the largest landscaped area in Europe. It is mostly flat and if you bring your children, they won’t be upset. But we can’t guarantee that. Not enough adrenaline? No problem! The Jizera Mountains or the Jeseníky Mountains offer single tracks that will definitely raise the adrenaline levels in your blood. In short, every cyclist can find something to their liking in the Czech Republic.