How to get around Czechia sustainably
Choose electromobility when you can't go by tram or train
When you've really run out of eco-friendly ways to travel, such as by bike, train or public transport, and the only way to get to your destination is by car, opt for electric cars. Unlike petrol or diesel engines, electric motors do not degrade air quality and are much quieter. Or consider an electric bicycle, you can ride it comfortably for quite a distance too.

On a trip by electric car - "greener" and cheaper than by regular car 

In Czechia, electromobility is becoming increasingly popular. By 2022, the number of registered electric cars here will have increased by a full one-third! And the necessary charging station infrastructure is developing at a similar pace. Today, you can already charge your electric car at around 2,000 places across the country, and the number of stations keeps growing rapidly.

Don't own an electric car and have never driven one? It doesn't matter! You can rent one! Most car rental companies in Czechia offer them. Why not make your holiday even more exciting this way? Plus, you'll save not only the environment but also your wallet! Running an electric car is cheaper than running a car with a combustion engine.

A trip on an electric bike? Even better!

If you decide to go on a trip on an electric bike (which you can rent on every corner in Czechia) instead of a car, the environment will be even more grateful. The carbon footprint of e-bikes is up to 50 times smaller than that of cars! In addition, using an e-bike is affordable, convenient, and will help you get fitter. You can go further on it than on a regular bike, and you'll be able to ride up hills with the help of the motor.

And if you decide to take a long trip and need to recharge your e-bike? That's not a problem in Czechia either. Very often, you can even recharge your bike at a restaurant where you stop for lunch. The number of charging points is growing. You can find out where to find them on the continuously updated interactive map of the Cyclists Welcome↗ project. Or pack a fast charger in your backpack - it weighs just over half a kilo.
Cyclists Welcome↗

Cyclists Welcome↗

Our tip

Whenever you find these images, it means you have found the right place for you and your bike (orange for electric bicycles, green for classic ones)! These pictures mean that the place - accommodation, restaurants, and attractions are certified and will take care of you and your bike.