South Moravia has a rich wine tradition. After all, grapevine has been grown there since the Roman period and the two thousand years long tradition can be found at every turn.

What is the most popular conversation topic all over the world? Food! Food is a big deal in South Moravia as well. The local cuisine means a whole universe of tastes.
South Moravian is well know for its love for traditions and everything local. The local cuisine is no exception. The use of as much local produce as possible has been a long-time trend.
And what forms the basis of the local produce? Correct, it is winemaking. Wines from South Moravia are a national treasure and win silver and gold awards all over the world.

Season: spring - autumn
Reservation: required
Location: vineyards of South Moravia
Duration: 2 hours
Capacity: company can be split into more groups, tailor–made trip ​

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