Enjoy Czech Beer

Enjoy Czech Beer

Are you also a fan of the amber nectar? Czech beer has a centuries-old history and the traditions of its production have been passed down from generation to generation!

Enjoy Czech Beer
At first, the production of beer on Bohemian territory was a privilege of the nobility, townsmen or the Church. Today, beer production mostly continues in large industrial breweries, however microbreweries and small producers continue in the tradition of small breweries. Our tips truly enable you to enjoy beer - you can taste rare products from beer and beer ingredients, become acquainted with the long history of this drink as well as have fun at various beer events.

Unique exhibition

The tour of the Brewery Museum in Pilsen, which is the only one in the world to be located in an original brewery building, lets you experience the story of beer from ancient times to the present. You will see hundreds of unique exhibits that focus on the history and culture of drinking beer from time immemorial to the present. Some of the most popular exhibits are a laboratory from the second half of the 19th century, a replica of a typical Czech pub from the 19th and 20th centuries and a fermentation cellar with a fridge.

Prague microbreweries

In the Břevnov Monastery, the oldest still-functioning monastery in the Czech Republic, beer began to be brewed back in 993. Today, you can purchase a wide variety of beer types on its premises - from classic pilsner lager style to your favorite local IPA beer with subtle hints of citrus. At the monastery you can admire the flamboyance of Baroque architecture.

The interior of the New TownBrewing house in Prague is dominated by a polished tap, which offers six daily specials. You can also see a collection of Czech beer glasses and a small museum of brewing machines. In addition to "Štěpán", light and dark classic Czech lagers, you can taste beer specialties like coffee, cherry, banana or nettle beer. A special feature is the "champagne beer" called Šamp and the beer aperitif Black Hill.

However, one of the most visited and famous Czech pubs is definitely U Fleků. The first written mention of the enterprise dates back to 1499, when the house was bought by a Prague brewer. The local brewery U Fleků is the only brewery in Central Europe, where beer has been brewed without a break for more than 500 years. So taste traditional Czech specialties and delicious dinners and do not forget to wash it down with the local Flekovský lager!

Great fun at beer events

The largest beer event in the Czech Republic is the Czech Beer Festival Prague. From 15 to 31 May the best that Czech breweries, Czech chefs, butchers and bakers have to offer will be prepared for you. You will have the chance to taste more than 70 brands of Czech beer, always served in top quality glass pitchers. Two hundred girls and boys in Czech national costumes will be waiting on guests.

The glassworks and microbrewery in Harrachov is organizing on Saturday July 19 another year of the traditional Harrachov beer festival. You can look forward to tasting the delicious malt beverages of three Czech breweries. During the day there will be tours of the museum and glassworks with opportunities to try glass blowing, while for children a workshop will be prepared in which they will have the possibility of making their own glass.

The royal city of Žatec, whose hop buildings are candidates for inclusion on the list of UNESCO, boasts not only the entertainment zone Temple of Hops and Beer or the Hop-growing museum with small hop fields, but especially the traditional beer-making event called the Žatec Dočesná Festival. This year, the traditional celebration of the hop harvest with a rich cultural program and especially the tasting of more than 40 kinds of beer, will take place on 5 and 6 September.