Slightly different culture in Prague

Slightly different culture in Prague

Visit the multi-functional spaces and industrial sheds that house culture and art today.

Slightly different culture in Prague
Transformation of industrial buildings into cultural centres has recently become very popular. And this is also true in Prague. You can find clubs, bars, concert halls, theatre halls, galleries or unique exhibition spaces in one place. We bring you several tips for places that are often outside mainstream interest.
The international centre of modern art – MeetFactory – is located in Smíchov not far from the Vltava River and Císařská louka Island. It was established by renowned Czech artist David Černý in 2001 with the goal of involving Prague in events on the world modern art scene and operating an independent international cultural centre. MeetFactory is a place where various artistic genres (art, music, theatre, film, photography, literature), various creative groups and generations meet and merge.

Forum Karlín – a meeting point for culture, media and social life. This is where modern steam boilers for the entire Austrian-Hungarian Empire were made from 1908; today it is a multi-functional space with a capacity of 3,000 seats intended for holding cultural and social events, and also a modern media newsroom and office space.

The relatively new concept – Pragovka Art District, which originated in the spring of 2016, has a similar history. The purpose of this concept is to revive the legendary First Republic factory located in Vysočany in Prague. The art centre is located in the complex of the former factory shed of the world-renowned Praga Company, which made cars and aircraft. Today Pragovka is a lively multi-cultural centre and art district, which provides an inspirational environment for collaboration and also a space between various art groups.

Another multi-functional space in Prague is the DOX Modern Art Centre, which originated as a result of conversion of a former factory in the Prague district of Holešovice. The programme of DOX differs from other exhibition institutions of a similar format mainly by its art projects, which include critical reflection of current social topics and issues. The building of the DOX Centre is an example of first-class world famous architecture. The more than 3,000 m2 exhibition space is supplemented by a coffee shop, book shop and design shop. You can now also enter the unusual wooden airship called Gulliver, which is the primary meeting point for modern art and literature, and is located on the roof of DOX.

A multi-functional theatre hall, a Small Stage, training hall, rehearsal room, gallery and bar & bistro – all this is Jatka 78, a place made for new circus, dancing, nonverbal, alternative and puppet theatre. You can see Czech and foreign ensembles and you can also enjoy performances, workshops, exhibitions and happenings here.

The Prague district of Holešovice offers a cultural centre called La Fabrika, which mainly specialises in theatre and dance forms requiring an unusual spatial solution. You can, naturally, also see classic exhibitions, concerts or theatre performances here. The complex originated as a result of interconnection of several factory buildings from the beginning of the twentieth century.

The project called Vnitroblock is unique. The goal of this project is to revive an entire street! And you can see for yourself how successful it is between Tusarova 31 and Dělnická 32 in the Prague district of Holešovice. You can come here to have a coffee, buy products from leading designers, dance, visit the cinema and much more, all in a completely unique industrial space.