Czechia in an Apple Advertisement

Czechia in an Apple Advertisement

Can you recognize the places in the Czech Republic that play the lead in the advertising spots of the American mammoth organization?

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The Czech Republic is a landscape of old towns with melancholic lanes, a landscape of hills and rocks, as well as a landscape of forests and lakes. Each corner has its magic that is worth discovering. It is not for nothing that filmmakers favour the local film studios and that Czech towns can be seen in international blockbusters and ads by the most watched companies. Last time, Prague and other places appeared in the Apple global ad. It seems that Apple likes the Czech Republic. Do you know where they have made their ads here?

2019: Prague Metro and the Velká Amerika Lime Quarry

The Apple crew has returned to the Czech Republic several times to make ads for their new products; this year, it was a new smart watch. The new spot featured the Prague metro, specifically the Line A station at Náměstí Míru, and the flooded Velká Amerika Lime Quarry that can be found in Central Bohemia, not far from Karlštejn Castle. The Prague metro is slightly modified but you can still recognize the typical coloured aluminium moulding that most stations along Line A are decorated with. The visually aesthetic alternating concave and convex panels were to break the soundwaves emitted by the undercarriages of old train sets. Moreover, they are completely in line with the former art scene, ruled by pop art. The aluminium panels from the beginning of the 1970s were an art response to the world visual trends. And the flooded lime quarry called Velká Amerika? It is a great filming spot not far from Prague and all the facilities it offers. You can also visit. The quarry is near Karlštejn Castle where you can take a direct train from Prague. The quarry is closed to the public for safety reasons but you can enjoy the beautiful views from the top.

2018: Prague Metro and Not So Famous Places in Prague

Last year, Apple promoted its new product – the iPhone XR – and used not so famous locations for its spot. The ad was shot in Prague but it is not obvious at first sight. Those, who know Prague well, will recognize the blocks of flats at one Prague housing development, the exit of the Vltavská Metro Station, the places around the currently demolished brutalist building of Transgas  at Vinohrady, or the area around the New Scene of the National Theatre. The ad finale then takes place on the grounds of one of the largest stadiums in the world, the Strahov Stadium.

2017: Christmas Ad from Prague

In 2017, Prague also played the lead. The Christmas ad is full of atmosphere, artificial snow and Christmas lights. It does not specifically say that it takes place in Prague but it is immediately obvious from the Czech signs. You can see the Railway Bridge across the Vltava River between Smíchov and Výtoň there, the rollercoaster at the Holešovice Fairgrounds, and most of the ad takes place on Náplavní Street near Mánes. The courtyard where the couple dances is at no. 37 on Dlouhá Street in the city centre. Actually, there is a great wine bar there, where you can taste both Bohemian and Moravian wines.

2016: Christmas in the Scenery of Žatec and Libochovice

The 2016 Christmas ad was one of the first Apple advertisements shot in the Czech Republic. The topic was Frankenstein’s Christmas. The city of Žatec was used for the scenery. It is northwest of Prague and it is known for its history of growing high-quality hops. If you visit the city, you should definitely go to the Hop and Beer Temple. Another Christmas spot is based on the story of Romeo and Juliet. The initial scenes were shot in interiors and around the Libochovice Chateau, which you can also find in North Bohemia near Litoměřice and Terezín.

Velká Amerika Lime Quarry

Velká Amerika Lime Quarry