Tips for Summer in the Czech Mountains

Tips for Summer in the Czech Mountains

The Czech Republic offers a variety of options to those who love mountains and new experiences. So, what places can you visit?

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As usual, a holiday in the mountains is a typical way to enjoy the summer in the Czech Republic. From the Krkonoše (Giant) Mountains to Šumava (Bohemian Forest), from the Ore Mountains to the Beskids – every place is looking forward to welcoming new visitors. The grounds and complexes are carefully preparing for the high summer season and the holidays. You can discover natural beauties by bike or on foot. But don’t hesitate to take advantage of some of the attractions that await you, whether a lookout tower or bobsleigh track.

Mammoth bobsleigh track at Dolní Morava

The mountain resort at Dolní Morava is known for the attractions it offers. The entire complex is situated at the boundary of eastern Bohemia and Moravia, not far from the border with Poland. The 55-metre high well-known Sky Walk towers above all. This time, however, we aren’t inviting you to climb to heavenly heights; rather, we’re inviting you to a mammoth mountain bobsleigh track! Take a seat in the bobsleigh, fasten your seat belt and, while heading to the start, enjoy a relaxing ride offering views of the surrounding sceneries. Then, just get ready for a thrilling ride down the winding track, which will provide you with a great experience at whatever speed you’ll allow. The bobsleigh track has a vertical drop of 364 metres. You’ll flash through 25 curves, a 360° turn 12 metres above the ground, a figure-eight loop, underground tunnel and you’ll fly over 4 cool jumps above forest paths. The track is the longest one in the Czech Republic and second-longest in Europe. The downhill ride is around 4 km long! The bobsleigh has two seats, but if you’re more than 8 years old you can ride on your own. Enjoy yourself!

Lipno chairlift

Lipno in southern Bohemia is especially known for winter sports, but this lovely part of southern Bohemia has a lot to offer in summer as well. The chairlift of Lipno Bike Park is in operation in summer for both hikers and bikers. Use the chairlift to comfortably take you up to the top of Kramolín and relish a beautiful view of the Lipno Dam, Šumava and the Novohradské Mountains. The view of the world from the Treetop Walkway is extraordinary. A family off-road bike route is available to bikers and, in turn, a relaxing scenic route offering a view of the Novohradské Mountains (Nové Hrady) and the Třeboň Basin is ready for hikers. Lipno offers diverse sports activities and entertainment. Those who like the thrill of an adrenaline rush can make use of a rope centre and 2 bobsleigh tracks.

Velká Deštná lookout tower in the Orlické (Eagle) Mountains

A new lookout tower opened in the Orlické Mountains in the east of Bohemia, specifically at Velká Deštná, in 2019. The lookout tower was built on top of the highest mountain of the Orlické Mountains (1,115 m) and the view it offers is literally fantastic. The Velká Deštná lookout tower is 19 metres high and is built with a steel structure that is beautifully complemented by wood panelling. It provides visitors with a breathtaking view of the wider Rychnov area, the Stołowe (Table) Mountains and the Bystrzyckie Mountains in Poland, Králický Sněžník, the Krkonoše Mountains and Ještěd. The lookout tower boasts the 2019 Most Beautiful Lookout Tower title, and you can reach it both on foot and by bike.

Along a new trail in Bohemian Switzerland, even by wheelchair

A wheelchair-accessible trail at the boundary of the Lusatian Mountains and the Bohemian Switzerland National Park in northern Bohemia opened in 2020. It’s a unique nature trail. Its circular route starts at the square in Krásná Lípa near the wheelchair-accessible Dům Českého Švýcarska (House of Bohemian Switzerland) and leads towards the springs of the rivulet Křinice. It runs around a defunct quarry all the way to the Velký rybník (Great Pond) nature reserve. From there you can get back through a forest and across meadows offering long-distance views of the Lusatian Mountain ridges to the Krásná Lípa město train stop and then back to the square. You can further make use of an extended 9-kilometre route adapted for the disabled that runs along paved surfaces and surfaces that are easy to ride on.

Pustevny, Libušín and Valaška

A complex of buildings featuring elements of folk architecture at Pustevny in the Beskids has been standing for more than 100 years. Unluckily, one of the buildings, Libušín Chalet, burnt down to its foundations more than 6 years ago. Although a replica including the restored original colours of its envelope has already been built! Libušín opened to the public during the 2020 summer season, and all tourists can again admire the beauty of these unique structures designed by Slovak architect Dušan Jurkovič.
The Pustevny mountain saddle is an important junction of hiking trails, a starting point for hikes, bike and scooter trips, or at least for walks along the ridge of Radhošť. The easiest way for you to get there is by chairlift from Trojanovice. Another attraction of Pustevny is the elevated panoramic Valaška Skywalk, which features a glass observation platform and a 150-metre long suspended “Himalayan" walkway.

Bobsleigh track in the Beskids

The Beskids not only offer the restored buildings at Pustevny, but also the Boboffka bobsleigh track. You’ll find it in Malá Stolová Mountain near the village of Čeladná. The almost one-kilometre-long track allows kids as young as 3 years of age (with (an) accompanying person(s)) to ride, which is a huge advantage. After you take a ride up to the start, the Beskids will be in full view!

Comfortably above the clouds

The cable car to Sněžka in the Krkonoše Mountains was refurbished a few years ago, which today takes you to the top of the highest Czech mountain on a two-section four-seat cableway. Although the operation of the second section depends on favourable weather. Anyway, the ascent only takes 15 minutes or so. In bright weather there is an unforgettable view from the summit. And if you feel like it, you can make your way along marked hiking trails back into Pec pod Sněžkou, Horní Malá Úpa, to Luční bouda chalet, and further into Špindlerův Mlýn.