8+1 Places Made for Romance

8+1 Places Made for Romance

Where to find true romance?

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St. Valentine’s Day, the day of love, is at the door. Under normal circumstances, we would show you where to go in the Czech Republic to make your February day of love a dream come true. But it is likely that travelling to the Czech Republic will not be possible until later in the year. During spring or summer. Therefore, we are bringing some romantic tips that you can use throughout the year. Whether it is on St. Valentine’s Day or at the occasion of your anniversary!

New World in Prague

A place called the New World can be find in Prague at Hradčany. Not many people know about this poetic and picturesque town, almost in the centre of Prague. The New World is a small district, adjacent to the Prague Castle, full of scenic nooks and harmony. It is basically a former castle suburb, founded sometime in the mid-14th century along the old road from Prague. A stroll through the New World is one of the most romantic walks you can do in Prague. And when the local New World café is open, there is no time to hesitate!

Máj scenic view point

The Vltava River is the longest river that flows through the Czech Republic. It springs in Šumava in South Bohemia and flows into the Elbe River near Prague. It is almost mythical to the Czechs. The river is praised in folk songs and old-time legends. There are many views of the Vltava River, but one of them is regarded as the best. This is the Máj scenic view point in Central Bohemia, located on top of a high rock, above a dam. The river flows through a deep rocky canyon there, creating a horseshoe bend and fascinating nature scenery. We recommend visiting at late afternoon, because the view from Máj is directly to the west and, if you are lucky, you won’t just see the slowly meandering river, but also the sunset above it.

Andělská Hora castle ruins near Karlovy Vary

In West Bohemia, near Karlovy Vary, you will find the ruins of a castle and church from the 14th century. It is a popular tourist destination, also visited by famous romantic poet J. W. Goethe. The views from Andělská Hora are one of a kind, whether you come in winter to see the snow-covered and quiet countryside, or in spring and summer when you can admire the forests in the nearby Doupov Mountains.

Romantic Červená Lhota Château

The Červená Lhota water château in South Bohemia is one of the most beautiful châteaux in the Czech Republic, despite its size. Which is quite small. The château stands on a rock in the middle of a water reservoir, which creates a special atmosphere. Moreover, its red-brick façade is an interesting background for a selfie of a loving couple in a boat floating on the pond surface.

Herb garden in Hospital Kuks

The area of the east Bohemian Hospital Kuks is worth a visit. It provides an opportunity to travel in time to the Baroque era and imagine you are wearing a colourful attire and a white powdered wig. However, one important part of the former hospital has recently been completely reconstructed. It is the herb garden that physicians and pharmacists used to use for the manufacture of medicine, tinctures and ointments. If you go there in late spring, in May, you will be surprised by the abundance of flowers, colours and scents. They create a romantic scenery for your trip.

Rosa Coeli Convent in Dolní Kounice

The ruins of the former Rosa Coeli Convent in Dolní Kounice in south Moravia provides a very romantic, almost magical impression. The convent has been in ruin since the 15th century, but the ruin of the former convent church shows the impressive Gothic style in its raw stone form. You can admire the clouds instead of a vaulted ceiling and listen to birds instead of the organ. At night, the cathedral nave is illuminated by the moon... In summer, the ground is covered with tall grass, in winter with white snow. Where else would you ask your significant other to marry you than in the most romantic scenery?

Château park in Lednice

We have one more tip from the south of Moravia for you: the château park surrounding the Lednice Château. The château is also worth a mention, but the park is a true gem. It has two parts: the partially landscaped French garden and the wilder English-style park, which gradually and unobtrusively transforms into one of the largest landscaped areas in Europe. You will walk along paths that the princes and princesses of the House of Liechtenstein used to walk!

Petřín Lookout Tower and a Secret Tip – Marian Scenic View Point in Prague

On top of Petřín hill in the centre of Prague, a lookout tower has been standing for more than a hundred years, offering a view of Prague as if in the palm of your hand. And if you go there in spring, you will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful blossoming fruit trees. To many Czechs, a blooming Petřín is a synonym of spring romance. And a kiss below a blossoming almond, pear or cherry tree is an event that no-one wants to miss each year. When at Petřín, you can go to one of the best scenic viewpoints in Prague. And where is that? Right next to the Strahov Monastery, where you follow a forest footpath to the statue of the Virgin Mary. The best view of the entire city is from there. Moreover, you might be the only one at the scenic viewpoint because not many people know about it!