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Prague Virtually

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In a time when it is difficult to cross borders, let alone being unsure as to what measures will apply, travelling has become an exceptional experience. It is better to stay safe at home than to take risks. If you cannot come to Prague for any reason, Prague will come to you! The experience might not be one hundred per cent the same, but you can still visit some of the landmarks or exhibitions from home, no matter where you are. We have a few tips on how to enjoy the capital city of the Czech Republic from the comfort of your own couch or desk.

Prague Castle

When in Prague, you have to see Prague Castle! You cannot miss it. Not even on a virtual tour. Tour the Castle exteriors here and see places that you would have definitely visited when in Prague thanks to the short descriptions in many different languages. And did you know that you will be wandering through the largest castle compound in the world during your virtual tour through the courtyards of the Castle?

Malá Strana and its nooks

The Malá Strana quarter is one of the most picturesque parts of the Prague centre with narrow alleys, ancient palaces and beautiful gardens all hidden within. It would be a pity to skip Malá Strana. You can walk through it using Google Maps. Or check out the panoramic photographs here.

Charles bridge

The oldest preserved bridge in Prague over the Vltava River is named after its builder, Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Roman Emperor, who reigned in Prague in the 14th century. It is probably one of the most frequently photographed landmarks in Prague and throughout the entire Czech Republic. Come take a walk along the bridge together with thousands of other visitors!


When in Prague, you simply have to see Petřín, the highest point in the Prague centre with an interesting lookout tower, built more than a 100 years ago, and a beautiful orchard spread on its hillside. It is not only a place where young people have dates under the blossoming trees. And there is no better place for a summer picnic! Take a look here.

Old Town Square

The Old Town Square is at the centre of the Prague’s Old Town. It is a place where history, good and bad, was written. It is where the popular Christmas market takes place in winter, and where you can find buskers in summer. And it is also where the town hall, with its tower and the astronomical clock, can be found. Just click here and go explore.


Most visitors to Prague do not visit Vyšehrad. And it is a pity. There used to be an early medieval palace there before Prague Castle was built. You will not find it today, but the location is now the final resting place and a reminder of Czech statehood. The views from there are also unforgettable. See it for yourselves.

Prague Jewish Quarter

Another virtual tip is the Prague Jewish Quarter with synagogues and a famous cemetery. You can explore the oldest still operation synagogue in Europe (Old New Synagogue), or the mysterious cemetery.

Prague National Gallery

The National Gallery decided to make the currently closed exhibitions and expositions gradually available to visitors and art lovers online. Virtual tours do not only offer currently running exhibitions, but also collection expositions or places that visitors do not usually get to see. For example, the YouTube channel of the National Gallery offers short, one-minute or several minute-long videos with comments on interesting works from the collection fund. But you can now also tour the permanent collections! The National Gallery has prepared interactive virtual tours of selected collection expositions. Moreover, they are available for free. The first virtual tour will take you through the exposition on 1796-1918: Art of the Long Century, and the second one maps the extensive exposition on Old Masters in the Schwarzenberg Palace, which is divided into three parts. The first one is available here.
For New Year’s Day 2021, the National Gallery and the National Theatre Ballet Company prepared the premiere of a unique video project entitled Ballet among Paintings: Rembrandt and Saskia, linked to the exhibition on Rembrandt: Portrait of a Man. Thanks to the video, you can at least see a part of this unique exhibition.

National Technical Museum

The popular and frequently visited National Technical Museum also prepared online tours during the pandemic year of 2020. And what awaits you? A tour in Google Maps supplemented with descriptions, information and short videos. Naturally, everything is also available in English. The virtual tours of the expositions of the National Technical Museum are a great opportunity for exploring. There are several tours available: Architecture, Civil Engineering and Design; Transport; A Photography Studio; Astronomy and Printing. Explore the human craft with your own eyes from the comfort of your home!

Prague ZOO

The Prague Zoo is rightly considered one of the best zoos in the world. You can also visit the zoo at any time from your home. Moreover, the Zoo provides a live stream from Elephant Valley every day on its website –⁠ you can choose from several cameras and watch the Indian elephants. You can also learn a lot of interesting things in the videos at the Zoo’s YouTube channel, and you do not need to know Czech to watch the animals. If that is still not enough for you, go on a virtual tour of the Zoo using Google Maps.

Prague City Gallery

The Prague City Gallery invites everyone, literally, to tour the Devětsil 1920-1931 exhibition, installed in the Prague exhibition space at the Stone Bell House. The exhibition is dedicated to an interesting Czechoslovak avant-garde art group that called itself Devětsil. Take a free tour here.