The Czech Republic provides state contribution for a spa holiday in the amount of CZK 4,000 per person

The Czech Republic provides state contribution for a spa holiday in the amount of CZK 4,000 per person

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The Czech Republic is supporting providers of SPA medical procedures and curative rehabilitation treatments that have been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak in accordance with EU State aid rules up to the total amount of CZK 1 billion (EUR 38 million).
The measure directly compensates discounts provided by spa facilities to consumers (incl. EU/EEA citizens) who purchase a curative, preventive stays of at least 6 nights and 5 cures which takes place in a Czech spa facility by the end of June 2021. Discounted stays can only be provided by facilities with special permission to provide spa medical procedures and curative rehabilitation treatments - the list of which you may find on the following link, or as an interactive presentation on

How to get the discount for stay in a Czech spa?

  1. See the list of the facilities participating in the scheme and select the one you wish to stay in.
  2. Contact the spa (reservation desk, reception etc.) to find out whether the facility has available rooms and whether they still accept vouchers.
  3. If the answer is yes, go on and generate the discount voucher (fill in the required data - name, surname, email address) and confirm your agreement with conditions for obtaining a discount and provide GDPR consent – see attached files)
  4. The voucher will be sent to your email address.
  5. Confirm your reservation with the spa and inform them that you wish to use the voucher. It is advisable to add the unique 8 digit number of the voucher to your booking confirmation.
  6. Should you have any problems to generate the voucher from the website, please ask the spa for help, or contact the Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic by phone on +420 224 861 282 or +420 224 861 138, or by e-mail at

Principal conditions for granting a discount

  • The Government of the Czech Republic is offering a discount of CZK 4,000 per stay in spa facilities to help the spa sector mitigate the negative effects of the Covid-19 infection on health tourism.
  • The discount will solely be provided for self-payed healing and preventive stays in spa facilities, which are listed on this website
  • The voucher entitles the client to receive a discount on stay (of at least 6 nights, incl. 5 procedures) in the amount of CZK 4,000 (for more information about eligible stay see the text below).
  • The discount does not apply to stays carried out under public health insurance (comprehensive and contributory spa care).
  • The discount can be redeemed only by a person over the age of 18 years (EU/EEA citizens).
  • If you fill out the voucher incorrectly, do not use it and generate a new one from the website.

Conditions of stay:

  • The minimum length of stay to be entitled to get a discount is set at 6 consecutive nights – the voucher can only be used once; it is not possible to divide the discount of CZK 4,000 into more stays.
  • To obtain a discount the consumer must purchase a minimum of 5 medical rehabilitation procedures for the stay.
  • The stay must take place until 30th of June 2021.
  • The discount only applies to adults and self-payed stays; the discount is not applicable to children's stays or spa treatments covered by health insurance.
  • The discount will be applied after submitting the eight-digit code identifying the voucher, which the consumer will generate on this page

Extension of the program

Following the relevant government resolutions regulating crisis measures spa facilities may continue to provide so-called “self-paying” spa medical rehabilitation stays, even from 27 December 2020, when the fifth degree of the anti-epidemic system came into force. You can still use discount vouchers for these stays, which clients can generate on the Kudy z nudy website.

Stays after 31 December 2020 will be implemented within the framework of a new call, the drawing conditions of which are being set and will only be published. The new call should apply to stays that will be implemented by 30 June 2021 at the latest. We will inform the providers of spa treatment and rehabilitation care about the development of the situation.

We recommend clients and spas to try to agree on an alternative date of stay, if the pandemic or client's situation requires it. Upon agreement with the spa, it will be possible to use the voucher even after the New Year. Vouchers generated in 2020 will be valid next year after the extension of the project. Follow and


Czech spa

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GDPR consent to the processing of personal data

Your personal data in the extent:
•          name
•          surname
•          email
provided on the basis of your interest in obtaining a discount voucher within the Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic programme for a health spa stay this year, is only used to verify your eligibility to obtain a voucher and personalise (by name and surname) the issued voucher.
Your personal data will be processed on the basis of this consent given by you. Please, note, that without providing your personal data (above) it is not possible to issue a voucher.
Your personal data, to the extent defined above, will be processed by (administrator):
Czech Tourism Board – CzechTourism
Vinohradská 46
120 41 Prague
Phone: +420 221 580 111
Company ID No.: 49277600
Tax ID No.: CZ49277600
Data box ID: yr9mzxx (hereinafter referred to as the "Administrator")

for the purpose of:

• creation and issuance of a discount voucher for a health spa stay this year.
We exclude any further transfer to other entities, except for legal reasons, as well as the complete data transfer outside the territory of the EU or to an international organisation.
Your personal data will be stored at the CzechTourism agency for a maximum of one week from the moment the voucher is issued, and then irreversibly deleted.
You can withdraw your consent to the processing of data at any time by a written request addressed to the Administrator.
In the same way, you can request access to your personal data from the Administrator, i.e., information on whether and what data is processed, for what purpose, whether it is passed on to others, etc., its correction, deletion or restriction of processing, and to object to the processing, as well as to exercise your rights to data portability.
In case of disagreement with the Administrator's procedure or its activities, you have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority, which is the Office for Personal Data Protection, or to apply to the relevant general court.
Your personal data will not be subject to computerised processing, decision making or profiling, and will not be used for marketing purposes.