21 new tourist attractions for 2021

21 new tourist attractions for 2021

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In the Czech Republic, despite the difficult situation, we managed to complete a number of long-term reconstructions, create new exhibitions and prepare a number of other attractions for future visitors. Take a look at the overview of the best we have chosen for 2021.

1. Opening of the North Bohemian Museum in Liberec

The North Bohemian Museum in Liberec was founded in 1873 as an industrial art museum and is the oldest of this type in the Czech lands. It has undergone almost three years of reconstruction and so far it is only open virtually. Its premises, which have acquired a modern look, will probably open to visitors in February. They can look forward to a brand new exhibition of arts and crafts. Into individual historical periods, from antiquity, through the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque to the present.
There will be exhibits from various collections, such as glass or blacksmithing, in the form of depository storage, so that visitors can get an idea of ​​what it looks like. The entrance staircase is now guarded by bronze statues of a lion and a lioness from the workshop of the famous Czech artist Jaroslav Róna.

2. The Royal Mint in Kutná Hora or the Central Bank of the Middle Ages

The Valachian court in the famous and old Czech town of Kutná Hora in Central Bohemia is famous for the minting of legendary Prague coins - groschen. The atmosphere of the Middle Ages is now brought into detail by a completely new exhibition called the Royal Mint.
The main goal of the exhibition is to tell the engaging story of the history of the Valachian Court, which can be called without exaggeration the "Czech Central Bank of the Middle Ages". The exhibition is divided into three thematic areas: the history of construction, the coin production process and the Prague groschen. But forget about dusty display cases. The exhibition makes full use of modern visual aids and technologies, such as a large screen or LED diode lighting, and its concept does not compete with the most modern museum exhibitions in Europe.

3. Strakonice Castle and the Knights of Malta

The general reconstruction is being completed by Strakonice Castle in South Bohemia. A completely unique will be the new exposition of the Order of the Knights of Malta, which was created in the premises of the former command of the Maltese Order and its trial operation will begin as early as February. The command of the Order has served since 1243.
The new exhibitions will also feature the largest collection of bagpipes in Central Europe and exhibitions of motorcycles and weapons. Other novelties will include the textile and industrial production exposition of the ČZ motorcycle brand. The tradition of puppet theater will also have its place in the Strakonice castle. It will probably open to the first visitors in July 2021.

4. Helfštýn Castle is like new

Helfštýn Castle in Moravia will open this year on March. Lovers of castle architecture will be able to admire the completely renovated interiors, including the castle palace, the reconstruction of which for three seasons limited the operation of the castle.
After two centuries of decay, decades of searching for a way of rescue and three years of construction work, the castle palace will offer a unique view of the Moravian Gate valley from the gallery. For two centuries, the torso of the palace was not covered, which is no longer the case. The palace received a glass roof, as well as several staircases and bridges that connected places where the human foot had not entered for centuries. The castle again boasts an exhibition of artistic blacksmithing and archaeological artifacts from research from previous years, as well as stone-sculptural articles such as ribs, consoles or bolts.

5. To Adršpach Rocks only with reservation

From April it will not be possible to come on a trip to the rock town in Adršpach in Northern Bohemia without reservation. But on the contrary, it should help everyone, visitors too. The town in the lap of the rocks hopes that it will prevent excessive attendance of the rocks and congestion of roads. The reservation will be available on the official website of the rock town, while the system is still under development. Thanks to him, however, it will be possible to purchase admission to the rocks in the future and obtain a parking space for a specific period of time.
Tourists have been going to the rocks since the 18th century - at that time a fire destroyed the surrounding lush vegetation for several days and the beauty of the magnificent sandstone formations stood out. From that time, hiking trails began to emerge here, and climbers gradually conquered one rock formation after another. Most of the names of local rocks also date from the 18th century. The most famous include Lovers, Mr. and Mrs. Mayor, Sugar Loaf, Krakonoš's Lounger, Pitcher or Elephant Square.

6. The new Museum of the World of Škoda cars in Mrač

The world of Škoda cars between villages Mrač and Čerčany in Posázaví, not far from Prague, is the largest comprehensive private collection of sports Škoda cars in the world. It will open to fans of automotive technology in the spring. Visitors will find prototypes of racing and commercial vehicles of this popular Czech brand. There is also an old driving school classroom in the museum complex with complete stimulator equipment and many period aids. The museum also deals with the history of traffic signs in Czechoslovakia. In the future, the area should also include a racing circuit.

7. Vimperk Castle invites to a museum and a classic tour

The reconstructed Vimperk chateau at the foot of the Šumava Mountains will now offer its visitors the museum exposition of the Vimperk Museum and a classic tour of the chateau interiors, which will also decorate rare Flemish tapestries from the 17th century. Visitors can also look forward to repaired courtyard facades and a completely new visitor background. The castle tour route will be made special by a restored flap ceiling from the 17th century. For the first time, lovers of monuments can go to it on May.

8. Completion of repairs to the Baroque Clam-Gallas Palace in Prague

In the Old Town of Prague, a general reconstruction of the magnificent Baroque Clam-Gallas Palace is underway. According to experts, it is one of the best-preserved aristocratic city palaces in the world. The High Baroque appearance of the palace was created by the builder Tomáš Haffenecker according to the design of the Viennese court architect Johann Bernard Fischer of Erlach for Count Jan Václav Gallas.
The complete transformation of the palace is to be completed by the end of 2021. A restaurant, wine bar and exhibition space should be built in the historically valuable building. The area of ​​the courtyard, together with the interiors of the palace, will enable the holding of various cultural and social events, concerts, theater seasons, etc.

9. Access to the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew in Pilsen

Cathedral of St. Bartholomew with the tallest church tower in our country is undoubtedly one of the most admired landmarks in the capital of West Bohemia. The Gothic gem will reopen to the public in June after a demanding revitalization, even with a new attic exhibition above the cathedral, which is part of the entrance to the tower. Believers and tourists who come to the cathedral after the repair will notice mainly new lighting, heated benches, social facilities and a newly accessible attic. In this area, from where people will be able to look into the Gothic truss, there will be a new exhibition on the history of the cathedral and the history of the bells.

10. Telč Castle will partially open its gates

The famous castle in Telč near the Austrian border is also undergoing a long-term reconstruction. This year, however, the monument should be partially opened. Visitors could see a new exhibition in 15 rooms of the castle, which will acquaint them with the local history and allow them to see the chapel of All Saints with the tombstones of "Father Telč" Zachary of Hradec and his first wife Catherine of Wallenstein. If the situation allows, Telč guides will take guests along route, which shows the apartment of the last owner. It should open in May.

11. The windmill at Kancibork in Třebíč comes to life

In Třebíč, not far from the Moravian capital Brno, a very interesting monument will open after the repair of spring - a windmill in Kancibork. The ancient Dutch-style windmill dates from 1836. It was built for the needs of the Budischowski plant and ground spruce and pine bark into the so-called groin - this was then used by tanneries to clean their skins. An exposition of tanning with a demonstration of groin grinding will be created on the ground floor, and on the first floor it will be possible to look into the emergency apartment, which used to be here from 1929 to 1977.

12. Museum of Ceramics in Bechyně

The International Museum of Ceramics will be newly located in the former service house in Bechyně, South Bohemia. It will now be open all year round, and visitors will find a smaller permanent exhibition of ceramics here. The museum will also use the space for short-term exhibitions, which in the future will host, for example, exhibitions of design, paintings, sculptures and graphics. The first visitors will see the new exhibitions in September.

13. Pilgrimage Church of St. Jan Nepomucký on Zelená hora will complete repairs

Restoration of the famous pilgrimage church of St. Jan Nepomucký on Zelená hora, which stands on the road between Prague and Brno, has been running since 2018. This magnificent national cultural monument is inscribed on the UNESCO list. The restorers focused on exterior (facade, windows) and the interior (plaster, stucco decoration, furniture…). The project also includes the restoration of a pilgrimage meadow adjacent to the church. The place begins to change into a pilgrimage meadow, thus returning to its original purpose. The work should be completed during this year.

14. New Tatra truck museum in Kopřivnice

In June a completely new Tatra Car Museum will open in Kopřivnice in the eastern tip of the Czech Republic. It is created in the hall of the former foundry on the edge of the Tatra factory complex. The Kopřivnice car manufacturer has prepared for its new exhibition seventy veterans or the first car to drive the Dakar Rally. The new exhibition will focus thematically on trucks. The famous Slovenská strela train will also find a new home here. The refurbished car will occasionally drive so-called nostalgic rides.

15. The Cvilín lookout tower in Krnov looks out

The restoration of the Cvilín lookout tower in the Jeseníky Mountains in northern Moravia will continue until the middle of 2021. The twenty-eight meter high staff at Cvilín in the town of Krnov was established between 1902 and 1903 according to the project of the architect Ernst Latzel on the initiative of the Moravian-Silesian Mountain Association and with the great financial support of Prince John II. from Liechtenstein.

16. The Supreme Garden will open in Pernštejn

The beautiful Pernštejn Castle in Moravia is one of our best-preserved and most famous monuments. Few people know the local complex of Pernštejn gardens under its walls. These underwent a comprehensive revitalization in 2020 and in the 2021 season they will finally open to tourists. The ornamental garden acquired its original form from the beginning of the 19th century, when it was one of the fifteen most important gardens in Moravia and Silesia. The new tour of the garden will offer visitors the possibility of a separate or guided tour, but also a quiet area and walks of varying difficulty, including a section accessible to visitors with limited mobility. In the originally utilitarian part of the garden, there will be an exhibition presenting a renewed work of garden art with a focus on the sensory perception of the garden, including its haptic model. A new outdoor café with a view is also being created on the terrace.

17. Resurrection of a wooden church in Guty

Skillful carpenters managed to complete a replica of a burned-out church in Třinec-Guty in North Moravia. A beautiful wooden church from the 16th century burned down in 2017, when three young men deliberately started the fire. In the summer months of 2020, the rough construction was completed, and work on the interiors continued from September. The goal of all participants was to create such furniture that corresponds to the original. The rebuilt church will be completed by May 2021, the consecration of the building and the first service should take place on 23 May 2021. Compared to previous years, the church will be well-secured so that the disaster cannot be repeated.

18. Opening of the Dobrošov fortress

The reconstruction of the Dobrošov fortress in the Náchod region in northeastern Bohemia near the Polish border will be completed this year. Excursions will probably appreciate the new visitors center the most, which will offer a lecture hall, refreshments and social facilities. It should be finished by autumn 2021. The Dobrošov fortress began to be built in September 1937 to protect the republic against Hitler's troops together with other border fortifications. Until the conclusion of the Munich Agreement on the withdrawal of the border areas of Czechoslovakia to Germany in September 1938, however, the fortress was not completed.

19. New crypts and cellars in the Klatovy catacombs

Klatovy catacombs in western Bohemia are preparing other novelties. The visitor route will expand with previously unused cellars. After the reconstruction, the crypts will be part of the inspections. Visitors will see new exhibits and remains that have not yet been exhibited. The new exhibition should be ready by the summer season 2021.

20. Pernštejn residence at the Pardubice chateau

Pardubice Castle in the Czech town of the same name In Eastern Bohemia is still under reconstruction, but visitors have access to the expositions of archeology, the historical exposition of Pardubice - the story of the town and the exposition of glass. These new exhibitions will be joined this year by another, which will complete the extensive renovation. The exhibition entitled Pernštejn Residence - the oldest renaissance in Bohemia will begin to be built immediately after the builders leave the chateau at the end of April. It will include, for example, "talking paintings" of the noble Pernštejn family, which will come to life in the presence of visitors.

21. News from the Krkonoše ridges: Petrovka and emergency shelters

This year, visitors to the new building await the ridges of the Giant Mountains, the highest Czech mountains in the north of the country. Specifically, it is Petrova hut restored for several years. In part, it will serve Unicorn's corporate recreation, but it will also be open to the public, including accommodation. The second novelty is the original emergency shelters, which will help in bad weather in an emergency. The task of six shelters was to create and implement architecture students. You can find their imaginative creations, for example, at the Bílé Labe, below the Dvoračky hut, at the Rýchorský kříž or the confluence of the Mumlava River with the stream Lubošská bystřina.