Kid-friendly Czech Castles and Châteaux

Kid-friendly Czech Castles and Châteaux

Journey into the past with your children and visit the castles and châteaux that come to life with their colourful history and tales. Have you got a princess or brave knight at home? Take them along and they will be sure to enjoy themselves!

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The summer holidays are a time of relaxation, rest, making dreams a reality, as well as travel and exploring. Everyone is looking forward to this time of year – from small children to their parents. We will advise you on where in the Czech Republic you can make your kids’ dreams come true and where the best opportunities for unforgettable experiences are. Few young girls would say no to becoming a princess in a castle full of beautiful horses, and many little boys would perhaps like to try what it's like to sleep in a real medieval castle!

Kladruby Castle and stud farm

Know of any little girl who would not be enchanted by beautiful and strong horses? In Kladruby nad Labem, which lies near the city of Pardubice in eastern Bohemia, your daughters and, of course, sons will get their fill of horses. The stud farm in Kladruby nad Labem is one of the oldest functioning stud farms in the world. As early as 1579, Emperor Rudolf II. raised its rank to that of an imperial court stud farm and it has been the home of Kladruber horses, a unique Czech breed bred especially for the ceremonial purposes of royal courts, ever since. To this day, the breed is used by royal courts in Denmark and Sweden. Guided tours will take you through the stables, the castle with the chambers of the emperor and the empress, the carriage house and harness room. Children's tours are provided in English and German, by prior arrangement. And if you want to try out how the nobility travelled in the past, we also invite you to a unique carriage ride simulation!

Labyrintharium Loučeň

In the castle park of Loučeň Castle northeast of Prague, you will find labyrintharium – a rarity unrivalled throughout the whole of Central Europe! You and your children can have fun getting lost and, of course, found again in the twelve labyrinths and mazes within the grounds of the 16-hectare castle park. Each of the labyrinths is completely different, and your children are sure to enjoy themselves. An illuminated labyrinth in the castle courtyard means the fun continues even after dark! Do you know the difference between a labyrinth and a maze? No? No problem… They will be happy to explain it to you at Loučeň Castle. Children can also get to know the ancestral home of the Princely House of Thurn-Taxis from their own perspective during children's tours. These can be arranged in English or German if booked well in advance. The Castle is one of the few open year-round and various events take place there throughout the year.

Medieval Dětenice

The Dětenice Castle resort located north of Prague is known for its restaurant with a medieval atmosphere. But if you have been teaching your children from an early age that food is to be eaten with cutlery and not with their hands, you better not come here! After all, they take the Middle Ages very seriously, so if you order a piece of chicken roast, you can have a go and enjoy it better the medieval way – with your hands. There is a medieval tavern in Dětenice, as well as a medieval hotel, a brewery and especially the castle, which is kid-friendly and ready to welcome them. Fairy tale tours, haunted tours and witch tours all await you here. And in the summer, real genuine medieval knight tournaments take place every Saturday and Sunday at the local battlefield! A tour of the castle or brewery can be arranged on request in English, German and Russian.

In Cinderella’s Footsteps to Švihov Castle

The medieval Švihov Castle can be found in southwestern Bohemia near the Šumava National Park. It is a water castle, which means it made use of a moat to protect itself against enemies. Even today, there is still some water left in the moat! You can take a boat ride there and discover for yourself how those besieging the castle most likely felt… And those who know the Czech-German version of the fairy tale film about Cinderella will also have reason to get excited. It was in this very castle that the fairy tale was filmed as Švihov Castle was the home of Cinderella and her evil stepmother. At the castle, you can see an exhibition dedicated to Cinderella and then walk outside around the castle along a nature trail that will show you the most famous film locations. Tours of the castle are available in English and German.

Live like nobles and princesses

Some castles and châteaux in the Czech Republic offer a unique opportunity to spend the night there. Try Kost Castle, for example. It is located in the Bohemian Paradise north of Prague and offers accommodation in a fully furnished apartment. It can only accommodate four people, so you will really be almost alone in the castle at night. The suite even includes an enclosed garden in the castle grounds. (In 2021, accommodation is only possible in September and October due to renovation works). And in Nové Město nad Metují in eastern Bohemia near Hradec Králové, you will actually be given the keys to the castle! The suites are equipped with rare historical furniture and the price of the accommodation includes a tour of the castle. The suite of Děčín Castle in northern Bohemia offers a one-of-a-kind atmosphere with views of the castle gardens. Accommodation is also available in the grounds of Litomyšl Castle, a UNESCO-listed monument, in the former castle brewery, where the acclaimed composer, Bedřich Smetana, was born.