14 tips on hotel stays featuring wonderful cuisine

14 tips on hotel stays featuring wonderful cuisine

We will advise you on where to stay and eat well!

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In the Czech Republic, you will find great places where it is worth stopping by. And also where to eat. Today, together with Lukáš Hejlík, we will introduce you to places that are worth a visit. Lukáš Hejlík is an actor who has been across the whole of the Czech Republic with his theatre project for 18 years. During his travels, he writes his gastronomic tips from small bistros to beautiful restaurants, not forgettingto include cafes, bars, inns, patisseries and breweries.

Hotel Aplaus in Litomyšl - connecting luxury and history with the present

Hotel Aplaus in Litomyšl, East Bohemia, was established a few years ago in three landmarked buildings in the historic city centre. It is the connection and dialogue of rich history with the present that has become the motto of Hotel Aplaus. Lukáš Hejlík adds: “There is a beautiful castle, gardens, square, museum, but also contemporary architecture and amazingly unique benches that are scattered throughout the city. And also the Bohém restaurant! ”

Grandhotel Pupp - the comfort you deserve!

You will experience an exclusive stay based on your exact wishes in the heart of Karlovy Vary in Western Bohemia in Grandhotel Pupp. Each room retains its distinctive look thanks to the hotel’s unique architecture. At the same time current trends have not been omitted. "Everyone has to go on at least once! This iconic hotel has been shining in the heart of the spa zone of Karlovy Vary since 1701. All this time it has attracted artists, scientists, statesmen and personalities. And now, it can also attract lovers of gastronomy. The local chefs reverted their menu of a grand restaurant back to classic Czech cuisine in the form in which it once overtook the imperial court in Vienna. You can taste Czech cuisine here, which is why Pupp is also proud of the Czech Specials label.”

Spa Hotel Lanterna - unique relaxation in the mountains

The comfortable Spa Hotel Lanterna in Velké Karlovice in the Beskydy Mountains is rightly one of the most sought-after destinations for wellness and romantic stays in the entire Czech Republic. Relax and be pampered in the pleasant surroundings of one of the most modern hotels in the Beskydy Mountains. “Nowadays, the hotel prepares dishes for staying guests only, but you can book an experience tasting in the Vyhlídka restaurant. Chef Josef Tydlačka works with regional suppliers, especially those providing cheese and trout. Of course, guests here love valašská kyselice, a traditional local Wallachian soup. Also featured are brynzové halušky, small dumplings with Slovak sheep milk cheese, whose dough is prepared from pumpkin here instead of potatoes."

Hotel Bonato in Náchod - wellness for your tongue

The city of Náchod in Eastern Bohemia has a beautiful castle, square and hotel. Bonato is located in the spa district of Náchod. The owners have been running their business for almost 15 years and also have their resident chef, who is known to create pure magic served on a plate. "The owners of the hotel love Italy, so this love intertwines with their menu, along with typical Czech classics. Enjoy the pork cheeks and squid, ribs or homemade pasta, bread and focaccia.” Says Lukáš Hejlík.

Klika Kitchen & Coffee in České Budějovice

The family-run hotel Klika is located in the oldest historical building in the center of South Bohemian České Budějovice, in the immediate vicinity of the Dominican monastery, while at the same time being in a quiet location by the river. "The menu reflects the season and notes impeccable suppliers, such as the cheeses of Mr. Diviš from Chrášťovice, chicken from the Loužná farm and Kořének's Vícemil farm. The perfectly prepared beef flank is absolutely spectacularly, tastefully and visually complemented by roasted garlic shoots. Mashed potatoes with cream and golden onion make the side dish. Also be sure to try the traditional South Bohemian kulajda, a soup made using sour cream, potatoes and especially fresh dill."

Nebespán café & apartments - accommodation and a beautiful café in Šumava

In a family hotel located in Kašperské Hory in Šumava in Southern Bohemia, you will be acquainted with a unique atmosphere—you will find not only excellent coffee, top gastronomy prepared by a French chef and beautiful accommodation, but above all kindness and professionalism. "It was one of the first establishments that made people appreciate a long journey taken in search for great food. The owners turned the former girls' Catholic school into quite a beautiful place. Several French chefs and talented confectioners have taken turns here, and the quality still holds its place. ”

Hotel Ostrov u Tisé - relaxation with a unique atmosphere

Are you looking for the ideal place to spend a romantic weekend or a quiet holiday full of relaxation? Take advantage of the services of a four-star hotel with swimming pool, restaurant and wellness centre, which boasts a magnificent view of the pristine nature of Bohemian Switzerland in Northern Bohemia. “Hotel Ostrov is located in a beautiful valley lined with island rocks. It sits in a place that God likely created out of pure joy. It's an area where you can completely unwind. You will be surprised by a selection of pâtés, especially the foie gras. Smoked pastrami from a local butcher's shop, grilled sheep cheese or a breaded chicken cutlet over as large as the plate are all spot on dishes as well.”

Villa Regenhart in Jeseník - renewed glory

One of the most beautiful villas is located near the spa town of Jeseník in Northern Moravia and combines a historic atmosphere with a modern relaxation area. Originally a textile factory, it has undergone a renovation and now offers luxury accommodation with a wellness centre. "This villa has been the jewel of Jeseník since 1898 and was built at the request of the Regenhart family of weavers. It was then that Jeseník was the largest producer of linen textiles by far. After the renovation works from 2016, the villa became a hotel that manages to combine history with contemporary gastronomy and an amazing wellness experience. ”

Art Deco Imperial Hotel Prague

Don't miss out on a stay in Prague's Art Deco pearl with Cubist elements, complemented by late Art Nouveau mosaics. Experience the atmosphere of the early 20th century in the famous Hotel and Café Imperial in the centre of Prague. "If the saying that everyone has to go to the National Theatre at least once holds true, then it is also true that everyone has to taste the kulajda, the typical sour cream and dill soup, at the Imperial. If you see veal cheeks in red wine on many restaurant menus in the Czech Republic today, then know that this trend originated here. And oh that lamb knuckle, what a treat! ”

Hotel Bartoš in Frenštát pod Radhoštěm: just what a family can do

This is a real family business in Frenštát pod Radhoštěm in the Beskydy Mountains: grandfather Leo Bartoš along with grandmother Jiřina bought the hotel, his son-in-law Kamil runs the accommodation, daughter Jiřina takes care of the financials, second daughter Lenka sets the direction of the kitchen and her son Leo drives the restaurant forward. "This place has an interesting history, but now is the time to visit it. The lodging house for workers became a hotel. The menu of their Ardesia restaurant features a few items, try the shredded duck with potato pancakes and cabbage or bun cakes with vanilla cream."

Amande Restaurant Hustopeče - in the shade of almond trees

Restaurant Amande in Hustopeče in South Moravia combines several unique concepts that will provide your senses with the perfect experience. “Hustopeče, with its unique almond orchard at its core, screens the Hotel Amande, which is French for almonds. In addition to their dishes, the wine on offer receives just as much attention. Indeed we are in South Moravia, known for its fine wine. So that basically all the produce you encounter while travelling the area is provided by chef Honza Kalousek on a plate—they have fish from Pohořelice, turkey from Židlochovice, cheeses from Klimeš in Mikulov. Whether you order the roasted tomato and pepper soup, chicken thigh with almond stuffing or veal fillet with Viennese potato salad, it is sure to be a culinary delight. And then, of course, there are the thematic events and activities led by the almond festival."

Hotel Horní Dvůr - quality accommodation on Pernštejn farm

The original building of the Horní Dvůr Hotel in the Vysočina Region served for many centuries as a farmhouse whose history dates back to the 16th century. It offers comfortable, above-standard accommodation in carefully renovated rooms with preserved fragments of the original decoration. Along the way, anyone is sure to get hungry, including Lukáš: “You are going on a trip and your stomach is rumbling. And that's good. Next to Horní Dvůr, sheep graze peacefully —you can taste wonderful lamb from chef Libor Buřval, for example, with a wood blewit mushroom filling and mashed potatoes. And you simply have to finish your meal with vanilla cream bun cakes."

Dvůr Hoffmeister Číčovice - for food, rest and horses

Not far from Prague in Central Bohemia, you will find Dvůr Hoffmeister. "About 20 years ago, the Hoffmeister family began to revitalise the dilapidated farmhouse and transform it into a much-sought equestrian centre that it is today. Ten years later, a restaurant was added ―one of the best in the Czech Republic ―as well as a hotel. The chef creates gastronomic art on a plate. Whether it's marinated duck breast, duck broth with liver dumplings or wild boar leg with rosehip sauce and palffy dumplings, it is sure to become a fond memory of just how wonderful it can be to be alive."

Jítravský dvorec - home cooking with an asterisk

They have domestic organic lamb and breed Aberdeen-Angus cows. They make goat cheese and sausages and have game from the adjacent hunting grounds. All this is found in the Jítravský dvorec in the Lusatian Mountains in Northern Bohemia. "The big project, which began with the transformation of the village inn into a four-star hotel, followed up with the renovation of a nearby pub with adjacent guest house, and eventually even the dilapidated farmhouse gained new use, becoming a horse riding arena for dressage and parkour. In the U Podkovy restaurant, choose the poultry broth, roasted rabbit loin, homemade steak, venison meat or lamb loin chops,”concludes Lukáš Hejlík on his gastro experiences while travelling the Czech Republic.