Glamping in 10 Different Ways
You’ve stayed in a hotel before and accommodation in the town isn’t for you. Instead, you’re looking for a place to go where you can enjoy unusual experiences and adventures in the countryside, but you’re not keen on sleeping in a shared campsite on a mat and in a sleeping bag. Then glamping might be just what you are looking for. A combination of the words “glamour” and “camping”, glamping is an overnight stay in the countryside with a touch of luxury. A reasonable amount of luxury. You may have to manage without Wi-Fi and, in many places, without electricity, but in exchange you can look forward to the ultimate connection to nature, a romantic atmosphere and comfortable sleep. So, where can you try this kind of experience in the Czech Republic?

Waterside Glamping

What could be more romantic than looking into a fire which is reflected in the water’s surface, with a glass of wine in your hand? Or a sunset over a lake…

Dobčice Ponds (Dobčické rybníčky)

This glamping site is located near České Budějovice in South Bohemia. Just a stone’s throw away, you will find the village of Holašovice, a UNESCO heritage site. Wooden bungalows are built on jetties directly above the surfaces of ponds. You can go fishing right on the terrace. A break from the modern world is guaranteed, since you will not find electricity and, of course, Wi-Fi here. Instead, you can enjoy a glass of wine in a hammock, sunbathe on the beach, or relax in a hot tub.

Hide and Seek Aranka

This luxurious forest dwelling by the water, which can boast first place from the Prague international design festival Designblok in 2019, is situated in the foothills of the Šumava mountains in the centre of a forest. You won’t miss anything during your stay here. In the kitchen, you will even find a French press and a Japanese tea kettle. Home-made bread as a welcome gift is a pleasant bonus. You can relax in a heated sauna or a cool lake. The minimum stay is 2 nights for 2 to 4 guests.

Čejkovice Water Cottages (Vodní domky)

Not far from České Budějovice on 12 hectares of a tree nursery, you will find a group of ponds with 3 floating water cottages, where you can look forward to a perfect connection to nature. Respect for nature is reflected in the modern design of the cottage interiors. Without electricity, but with complete sanitary facilities, you can indulge in peace and a digital detox. Fishing is permitted. 

Glamping in a Tent

Do you associate sleeping in a tent with discomfort, mosquitos and shared sanitary facilities for an entire campsite? Try camping this year in a different and more comfortable way. We’ll tell you how.

Glamping Brdy

In the Brdy hills to the south-west of Prague you will find a luxurious glamping tent which certainly does not put the word glamorous to shame. At the Glamping Brdy campsite, you will not only get a great night’s sleep, but your body and soul will also enjoy perfect relaxation. Take advantage of a sauna, a wooden bathtub, and a campfire ring for evening barbecues.


In a private meadow situated halfway between Karlovy Vary and Plzeň in the South Bohemian village of Chlum, you will find a yurt – a typical dwelling for nomadic tribes of central Asia. The comfortably furnished yurt provides accommodation for up to 4 people, and thanks to its perfect harmony with nature, it is well-suited to yoga, relaxing with a good book, and much more. All West-Bohemian spa towns are just a short drive away.

Malešov Camp

Come camping near Kutná Hora in the Central-Bohemian village of Malešov. On the edge of a pond, you will find a Medieval fortress and a few spacious tents below it, where time seems to have stopped about 500 years ago. Almost. You will be welcomed by the scent of wood and natural materials, and instead of a wardrobe you will find a chest. But modern sanitary facilities are also at hand. Explore the fortress, find out what Medieval cuisine tasted like, and play an escape game with your children inspired by the computer game Kingdom Come!

Treetop Glamping

If you are afraid of sleeping on the ground, you might prefer something with a greater view. Accommodation in the treetops could be just the thing!

Treehouse pod Ještědem

In the woods beneath Ještěd Mountain near Liberec in North Bohemia, you can try accommodation in wooden treehouses that your children are sure to love. In addition to a double bed and two bunk beds, you will also find a kitchenette with a gas cooker and a stove for cold nights. Using a basket on a rope, you can hoist a breakfast of home-made products up to the treehouse every morning, while in the evening you can roast sausages over a campfire below the house. Shower water is provided by a nearby natural spring. Doesn’t that sound like the dream of every little (and grown up) boy?

Glamping in the Zoo

Dvůr Králové Zoo and Safari Park Resort offer seven luxury tents situated in the treetops directly above a large African animal enclosure. Visitors who spend the night in the resort will feel like they are on an African safari. Each tent is furnished with 4 beds, its own sanitary facilities, a fridge, and an outdoor grill. The price includes not only accommodation, but also unrestricted access to the zoo, even after opening hours.

Glamping in Solitude

Cabins are made for weekends of meditation in the heart of the countryside! Plain, simple and peaceful.


Come and enjoy some peace and quiet near the village of Vratěnín on the border with Austria and the boundary between South Bohemia and South Moravia. A solitary wooden cabin called Útulna (refuge) stands on poles in a grove in the middle of a field. It is built on a discarded light border fortification building, which was built in the area 80 years ago. If you are expecting nothing, that’s exactly what you will find. Instead of dinner in front of the television, you will fall asleep at sunset and be woken by the sound of birdsong. There is no water or electricity, you will just have to warm up the fireplace. Bring a mat and sleeping bag with you! It is an ideal place to meditate in solitude.

A Cabin in the Woods (Chata v lese)

You will find this cabin in the woods with its own sauna on the bank of a pond in South Bohemia near the village of Pluhův Žďár, just a short way from Červená Lhota Château. What can you expect to find here? The peace and quiet of the woods all around you, and a pond where you can cool off after you have been in the sauna. There are no other cabins or dwellings in the vicinity – you will have complete privacy! The cabin is intended for two, but up to four guests can sleep here comfortably.