Tips on how to ring in the new year 2023

Tips on how to ring in the new year 2023

New Year's Eve is fast approaching, have you made your plans yet?

Tips on how to ring in the new year 2023
Welcome the new year in style! Head to the Czech Republic and join the celebrations that will take place in squares, parks, and restaurants. We will recommend a few places definitely worth your while.

Prague – celebrate in the streets and indoors

The capital of the Czech Republic - Prague - will once again come alive for New Year's Eve celebrations. Welcome the New Year in the fairytale setting of the Old Town or Lesser Town and the Prague Christmas markets. ! You will find the largest market on the Old Town Square.Official Prague celebrations of the arrival of the New Year will be held here and on Wenceslas Square. Typically, a podium is set up in these squares and a cultural programme kicks off at around 6 pm lasting till midnight. Still, Prague clubs and restaurants are already preparing for their visitors! You can go to the Vltava River embankment and be part of the celebrations on a steamer boat. There is a stocked drinks bar, a rich New Year's Eve menu and live music onboard at all times. At midnight, boats with fireworks are usually moored on the river at Charles Bridge, from the boat you will have a nice view of an illuminated festive Prague skyline. Or would you prefer to keep your feet on dry land? The restaurant on Střelecký Ostrov island awaits you with a luxurious menu, featuring DJs, private fireworks display and, of course, a New Year's toast. But you don't have to limit yourself to these two tips, almost every restaurant, bar and club is preparing a holiday programme and a midnight surprise for this one-of-kind night. We hope you have a wonderful time enjoying yourself in Prague!

New Year’s from way up high

In Lipno, South Bohemia, and the local Treetop Walkway, they have prepared a traditional ascent to the top of this modern version of a lookout tower. It is most likely an originally pagan custom, for which people go up to the tops of the mountains on New Year's. So why not walk through the treetops? The walkway is open from 10 am to 3 pm on New Year's, i.e. on 1 January. The area around Lipno is a great choice for a holiday for families with children. Just a short distance away, you will find a ski slope, and several accommodation options with quality wellness centres and restaurants.

You will find another very interesting trail in Dolní Morava. It's called the Sky Walk and really lives up to its name. It is open all year round, so feel free to plan a trip here for New Year‘s. It is a 710 metre long trail that exceeds an altitude of 55 metres and from the top, you will behold the entire Moravian region.

And we finish with a third treetop trail. The Valaška Trail is located in Pustevny in the Beskydy Mountains. It includes a glass viewing platform and a 150-metre-long suspended ‘Himalayan footpath‘. The top floor of the tower is at an altitude of 1,099 metres above sea level and in good weather, it is possible to see the Jeseníky Mountains as well as Slovakia and its mountain ranges.

Prefer to spend New Year’s in peace and quiet?

The Czech Republic has a lot to offer even to those who prefer peace and quiet during the last day of the year. Head to the mountains! Hotels in mountain resorts offer pleasant New Year's Eve and wellness packages. The advantage of New Year's Eve in the mountains is that the next morning, you have the option of putting on your skis and enjoy the empty slopes and quality snow. If you are seeking a middle ground between rest and New Year’s fun , try the Giant Mountains this year. It will be hoppin‘ in Špindlerův Mlýn on New Year's Eve, but at the same time, you have the opportunity to enjoy quality ski slopes and the snow-capped mountains of the highest Czech mountains.

So you celebrated New Year's Eve in style, but what next? Why not do something good for your health in the new year and go cross-country skiing. The Jizera Mountains offer the most famous cross-country trails. Many marked and regularly maintained trails can be found, for example, in Bedřichov and in the nearby area. The Jizerská Magistrála, a machine-groomed track offers a total of about 180 km of trails, starts here. The most famous race Jizerská 50 is also held here. See how you compare with real athletes!