Ice-skating in City or Outdoors

Ice-skating in City or Outdoors

Ice-skating in City or Outdoors
Do you like ice-skating? Winter, frost, a lit ice-rink, or a beautifully frozen pond outside? You can enjoy this winter pastime with your friends, family or your loved one. We have the best tips for places where all you need to have some fun is to put on some ice-skates!

Where to Ice-skate in Prague

There is surprisingly a number of places in Prague where you can go ice-skating, such as right in the centre in the Old Town – the ice-rink at na Františku by the St. Agnes Convent, or at the Fruit Market at the Estates Theatre. The ice-rink at Letná or the one in Žižkov below the huge TV tower are close to the Prague centre. You can also ice-skate in the Rieger Gardens, the Grébovka Park, or by the Hvězda game preserve. Ice-rinks can also be found near large shopping malls. The ice-rink at the Střelecký Island has opened for the very first time this year. The views of the city are the best from there! You will see both the National Theatre and the Prague Castle.

Ice-rinks in City Centres

The Moravian capital of Brno offers an indoor ice-rink by the Pavillon Restaurant, or outdoor ice-rinks near Lužánky or by the Olympia shopping mall. The invitation to other two ice-rinks also sounds interesting: one is at the Salesian Centre in Líšeň and the other one is the largest public outdoor artificial ice-rink in Moravia, and it can be found by the sports, cultural and congress centre at Vodov. The ice-rink on the premises of Nová Zbrojovka is a novelty, and it is where the Olympic Festival will take place from 4 to 20 February, where you can also try other sports, such as curling, snow park, ski jumping hill or a cross-country ski track.

The Central Bohemian town of Kolín is also a great place for winter fun: every winter, the children’s traffic playground by the water park transforms into an ice-rink. The wonderful thing is that you can quickly change the ice-skates for a heated pool or sauna!

Ice-skating in České Budějovice in South Bohemia will also be a pleasant experience – there is a unique circular ice-rink that runs along the Samson Fountain.

Peace and Quiet in the Countryside… on Ice-skates!

When temperatures drop down to -10°C for a few days, it is time to go outside. Ice-skating on natural ice is a beautiful experience and it can often be a full day trip. However, we need to point out that you should never skate alone, and you need to keep a safe distance to avoid breaking the ice and be prepared for any accident. Ice-skating outdoors is always at your own risk.

How about visiting one of the largest Czech ponds, Lake Mácha? It is situated in the romantic scenery on the boundary of Central and North Bohemia, near the Bezděz Castle, and offers an ideal opportunity to ice-skate in a beautiful countryside when the conditions are favourable. The pond surface opens up beautiful views of castles and surrounding hills. There is a rocky islands in the middle of the pond that can be easily reached on ice-skates.

Do you prefer sports? Then go to South Bohemia, to Lake Lipno. It is where you will find a 12-kilometre-long groomed skating track! Ice-skating at Lipno is unique within the Czech Republic and it attracts a few thousand people a day on sunny weekends. When the conditions are good, the track is sometimes extended to unbelievable 38 km. However, the ice must be thick enough to handle the load, so please check at the Lipno Information Centre that the track is open before visiting. The track can be open for a few days, weeks or the whole month in winter. It all depends on the weather and frost.

If you really want to enjoy some peace and quiet, we have a special tip for you: the Padrťské Ponds in Brdy in Central Bohemia. The ponds are situated in a beautiful natural scenery full of deep forests and it is one of the most charming places in Brdy. The ponds are a paradise for all ice-skaters that prefer the outdoors in winter when both ponds are covered with a thick layer of ice.