Lasvit – Czech Crystal That Enchanted the World

Lasvit – Czech Crystal That Enchanted the World

The perfect combination of crystal, light, glass and design!

Lasvit – Czech Crystal That Enchanted the World
The Czech Republic is known for its rich glass-making past. Who wouldn’t know Czech crystal and Czech cut glass! The modern glass company Lasvit from Nový Bor, a small town in North Bohemia, successfully continues in this tradition. The brand combines the perfect craftmanship, modern technologies and inspirational design. They focus on custom light installations for modern opera houses, metro stations or luxurious cruise ships, ready-to-shine collections and glass for architecture.

World-Class Lasvit

Lasvit was founded in 2007 and yet it is a part of the long glass-making history of North Bohemia. The founder was born to a Liberci family that has been passing the glass craft on for six generations. One of his great grandmothers was called Svarovská and she came from the family of the Swarowski founder.

Today, Lasvit cooperates with many world-class designers, while providing a space for the growth of promising young artists. Their installations illuminate more than two thousand hotels and private residences, interiors of luxurious cruise ships and other public and private buildings all over the world.

If you are a fan of cycling, you might  have seen the trophy for the winner of Tour de France. But did you know that these glass masterpieces are made by Lasvit? This Czech glassmaker has been making the trophies for winners for a long time.

Company Headquarters as a Glass Masterpiece

Lasvit is based in a unique reconstructed space at the square in Nový Bor. Some buildings have been tastefully reconstructed, others are brand new – such as the Black House and the Glass House. The two-storey Glass House, covered with transparent glass tiles, has a large exhibition hall where you can see what Lasvit manufactures in a great detail. After dark, the house shines as a proud imaginary lighthouse of the regional glass industry. The Black House was built for test assemblies of glass installations, and it is covered by dark cement tiles. The project authors received many an award for architecture for the reconstruction and completion of the Lasvit corporate headquarters in Nový Bor in 2020, such as the main prize of the Czech Architecture Award, awarded by an international jury, or the 2020 Dezeen Award for the best office building in the world.

Lasvit Products Shine in Prague, Dubai and Bangkok

Lasvit’s tricks of the light always create a fantastic show. You can see it in the vestibules of office buildings such as Prague Florentinum or Quadrio by the National Theatre.

We are proud that you can see the product by this North Bohemian company all over the world. Their first large-scale project – the giant glass chandeliers for the Dubai Metro – was made in 2009. The nine-metre-tall Dancing Leaves sculpture made of 800 falling glass leaves in one of the Parisian hotels is also well-known. The visitors of the new opera in Dubai are welcomed by a five-tonne sculpture made of glass, hand-blown pearls. The Neurona glass installation in the Prince Mahidol Hall concert hall in Bangkok is also famous; it responds to music and rhythms with light and colours and transforms melodies into a visual experience.