Enjoy a romantic time with your partner!

Enjoy a romantic time with your partner!

Tips for perfect places for your never-ending love story

Enjoy a romantic time with your partner!
Spring is marked by love, amorousness and new life. In particular, this is true for May, which is termed a “time of love”. We have got several tips for you for beautiful places where you’ll fall in love again. Romantic nooks in towns and cities, splendid gardens full of flowers as well as lovely chateaux where you’ll feel as if in a fairy tale. All of that is waiting here just for you.

Forget about time in romantic alleys  

The most romantic places are those that ooze history. Narrow alleys and mysterious nooks of ancient towns in which you can get lost, escape into your own world, be alone just for yourselves. For example, the picturesque alleys of Prague's Nový svět at Hradčany where it looks as if time has stopped. The cosy Nový svět Café or Hotel U Raka, which is situated in the last wooden building in the Prague centre, invite you to spend some time in. Plenty of options are offered by the Vltava, whether you choose leisurely walks along the quays and embankments, boat cruises or places featuring lovely views – such as from the Vyšehrad ramparts or from Letná from the Hanavský Pavilion. Last but not least, Kampa Island, which is one of the most popular sites of Prague residents. It is a location that is tailor-made for a picnic with a bottle of red wine!

The Hill of Love           

When “time of love” is mentioned in Prague, everyone will think of Petřín Hill, which towers on the left bank of the Vltava. It is said that whoever kisses their love under a blossoming tree, ideally a cherry, will be lucky in their love life the whole year! For generations of Prague residents, this tradition is associated specifically with Petřín. That’s why the magic hill is overcrowded on 1 May and everyone tries to find their place there. No one will ever find out where the tradition originates from but if you wish to spend a romantic day as Prague residents do, you simply have to climb Petřín.

Czech castles will enchant you with their stories

You won’t have a lack of romanticism when you set off for a trip to some of the magic Czech castles and chateaux. For example, to Hluboká, Červená Lhota water chateau or fairytale Hradec nad Moravicí castle.  At Křivoklát, hidden in the deep forests of central Bohemia, you can repeat the story of big love that was experienced there by the son of Roman Emperor Ferdinand I. He secretly married a girl without a single drop of blue blood, and for his love gave up all the advantages brought to him by luxury life in the imperial court. Hardly anything would have been more romantic.

Gardens full of colourful flowers will stupefy you with hundreds of scents

The turn of April and early May is accompanied literally by a deluge of flowers. Take your love through some of the blossoming gardens. Who has ever walked through the park in the central Bohemian town of Průhonice in full bloom, they will be very demanding in terms of other romantic nooks. Nevertheless, there are similarly beautiful places, so you can have dazzling experiences, for example, when you visit the Flower Garden in Kroměříž in Moravia, Vrtbovská Garden in Prague or the chateau park at Konopiště, which ranks among the most beautiful chateau parks in the Czech Republic. You’ll literally be stunned by visiting the Lednice-Valtice Complex, which had already been designed as a single large romantic park 200 years ago when it was established.

Love with a vertigo

The most romantic places of central Bohemia includes the Máj Viewpoint on the Vltava. The river in a deep rocky canyon below it has the peculiar shape of a horseshoe and is surrounded by dense forests. As a bonus, the viewpoint offers a sunset because the sun goes down precisely in front of you. Beautiful views are also provided by the Krašov castle ruins in central Bohemia – again of a lazily winding river –, and, for example, Svatý Kopeček in Mikulov. What’s more, it features in surveys concerning places that offer the most beautiful views overall! Splendid outlooks which will make your head spinning are also offered by sceneries of the rock cities in the Prachov Rocks and Adršpach in eastern Bohemia.