Český Krumlov – A UNESCO Gem for 30 Years

Český Krumlov – A UNESCO Gem for 30 Years

How has this South Bohemian town changed? And what is a must to experience there?

Český Krumlov – A UNESCO Gem for 30 Years
This year marks 30 years since the historical centre of Český Krumlov – together with the old town of Prague and Telč – was inscribed in the list of the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage. The historical centres of those towns were one of the very first Czech landmarks inscribed in the list. How has Český Krumlov changed? And what interesting nooks can you visit today?

The Rebirth of Český Krumlov

The South Bohemian town of Český Krumlov was lucky. Wealthy noble families settled there over the centuries, contributing to the construction of the castle and the chateau. History created a medieval town with a maze of alleys, passageways and a romantic, almost mysterious ambience. One of the centres of the entire South Bohemia gradually transformed into a provincial town. It lost its importance, but its historical beauty has been preserved. Thirty years ago, UNESCO recognised the authenticity of the town and inscribed it in the List of Tangible Cultural Heritage in 1992. The explanation literally says: “Český Krumlov is an outstanding example of a small medieval Central European town, which owes its structure and buildings in the historical centre to its economic prominence and relatively undisturbed organic development for over more than five centuries.” And the same holds true today!

Experience Something New in Krumlov!

During thirty years in UNESCO, the half-forgotten town in Pošumaví has transformed into a gem people from all over the world come to see. The buildings in the centre have been tastefully repaired and some even gained a new purpose, such as the Monasteries. Today, you’ll find a museum there with an exposition of the life of the nobility centuries ago. You can see how heavy a chain mail is, how castles were heated or what perfumes they used five centuries ago. You can mix an herbal tea and bath salts, try calligraphy and writing with a goose quill.

The Seidel Photo Studio Museum is another interesting place in Krumlov that has been reconstructed and is definitely worth a visit. The authentic spaces of the photo studio from the turn of the twentieth century will take you back in time. And you have a photo taken, you’ll get a souvenir like no other!

If you are interested in the Baroque period, Krumlov has something utterly unique for you. The Chateau Baroque Theatre! Only four theatres from the eighteenth century with original decorations and all the equipment have been preserved in the world. Besides the one in Krumlov, there are two in Sweden and one at the Litomyšl Chateau. But the Krumlov decorations are the oldest.

Krumlov in the Rhythm of Summer Festivals

In summer 2022, Český Krumlov will be busy with many interesting events! The Five Petalled Rose Celebrations will take place on the weekend of 17–19 June and the festival offers the best of historical music, theatre, fencing and dance, not only from the Gothic and Renaissance era. You can watch or join in! For example, a period military encampment will be prepared in the Municipal Park where you can take a trip to the history and even participate in various activities. Music lovers can look forward to two festivals this year. The first one is the Český Krumlov International Music Festival (15/07–06/08), which is  known for classical concerts in the town setting. The second music gem is the Baroque Art Festival (16–18/09). The festival lets the listeners enjoy an authentic Baroque music experience with all it takes, including dancers, musicians, the setting and production. Where else to watch a Baroque opera than in one of the best-preserved Baroque theatres?