Movie locations you can see on Netflix and visit in the Czech Republic

Movie locations you can see on Netflix and visit in the Czech Republic

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Movie locations you can see on Netflix and visit in the Czech Republic
Some of the film production that has taken place in the Czech Republic over the past few months included the second series of the Foundation saga, the Extraction with Chris Hemsworth, the adaptation of All Quiet on the Western Front, a famous novel by E. M. Remarque, or Apple product spots. And we know where!

Apple likes the Czech Republic

Apple has made another spot, this time for the new iPhone SE, in the Czech Republic. The magic hides in the detail and the eye of an attentive viewer will see, for example, that the bus of the Prague public transit company in the opening scene carries the number 116. The sign on the building in the dark shows that the spot was shot in front of the National Technical Library in Prague Dejvice. You can ride Bus 116 as the people in the ad between the stations of Dejvická and Jenerálka. Apple likes Czechia and so the opening scene of the spot for the fifth generation of the iPad Air also takes place in Prague – this time in the Kaizl Orchards in Karlín.

Apple TV+ announced the making of the second series only a few days after launching the first series of the awarded Foundation saga based on Isaac Asimov. The first series was made in Ireland and on the Canary Islands, and Skydance started shooting the second one in the Czech Republic in spring 2022.

Netflix Opened the Western Front near Prague

The latest adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque’s novel, All Quiet on the Western Front, with the star of Inglorious Bastards, Daniel Brühl, is being made for Netflix around Prague, in Roudnice nad Labem and in the former military zone of Ralsko. It will be one of the most expensive German films ever made with the estimated budget of 20 million US dollars.

Czech Chateaux Play the Main Role

The Cello, a horror movie starring Jeremy Irons, was made at Točník and the Kačina chateau. The chateaux of Ploskovice and Libochovice, the Doksany monastery and the Roudnice nad Labem Chateau were transformed into the set for Dangerous Liaisons, a TV series based on the novel by French author Choderlose de Laclos.

Nosferatu Is Back

Nosferatu, the classic vampire film, is one hundred years old in 2022 and this anniversary will be celebrated with a new adaptation of the famous horror. It will be directed by Robert Eggers, starring Anya Taylor-Joy known from the Queen’s Gambit. The original classic film from 1922 was also shot in Slovakia, among other places. This time, it will be made in the Czech Republic and so you could come across the film crew on the Prague streets in the summer.

Interest in the Extraction, Výsluní and Chris Hemsworth

The sequel to the Extraction was supposed to be shot in Australia but the Czech Republic won in the end due to the strict anti-pandemic measures. It was shot in Mladá Boleslav, Litoměřice, Terezín and in remote areas of the Ore Mountains where no-one was interested in what was going on much. However, it all changed when actor Chris Hemsworth published a video from a train ride near Vejprty on his Instagram. Almost everyone then knew about the additional shooting that took place by Výsluní in the Chomutov region, in March 2022 – the local Church of St. Wenceslas as well as the Pravčice Gate or Dolský Mill have already made an appearance in the spectacular fantasy series of The Wheel of Time starring Rosamund Pike. Henry IV and the Borgias TV drama were also shot there.


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