Christoph Dientzenhofer: The Flowing Architect
Christoph Dientzenhofer from Bavaria was one of the most distinct European architects. He was a master of illusions and his play with the space and decoration is one of a kind. Visit his most important buildings and enjoy the flowing Baroque style!

Right Angle? Pointless!

His buildings are the masterpieces of the European Baroque architecture. He was a master of illusions, his buildings are full of openings, playful movement and dynamics. They create the illusion of movement. They have a complicated ground plan, and you would hardly find any right angles there. Even the walls have to curl! The illusive Baroque style radiates the movement energy. And that is precisely how Christoph Dientzenhofer designed his buildings. Just have a look at his most famous building, St. Nicholas Church in Malá Strana in Prague during the sunrise or sunset and you will see that even the peripheral walls are dancing!

Five Amazing Place You Must See!

Christoph Dientzenhofer lived in the Late Baroque era, during which most churches and religious landmarks in the Czech lands were restored as a result of the historical events. Every town and almost every village has a church in the centre built or at least modified in the Baroque style. It is no wonder that this architect, just like dozens of his peers, mostly designed churches and monasteries.

St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas Church in Malá Strana in Prague is the most beautiful Czech Baroque building. Its massive cupola has become an integral part of the city’s skyline. Its interior is also impressive, boasting a beautiful ceiling fresco, one of the largest in Europe. The monumental organ that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart used to play is a true rarity!

Teplá Monastery with a Miniature of the Lourdes

The area near Mariánské lázně houses one of the largest monastery libraries in Bohemia, as well as the Lourdes cave, which you can find in the adjacent landscape park. Take a guided tour through the basement with a unique Baroque sewerage system. The Teplá Monastery also offers stylish accommodation and there is a nine-hole golf course in its neighbourhood.

Broumov Monastery

The Broumov Monastery compound offers several different tours where you can see a beautiful library, a rare copy of the Shroud of Turin as well as a medieval scriptorium. You can spend a night in the monk cells and the beautifully renovated monastery garden is a perfect spot for strolls and relaxation.

Broumov Group of Churches

The Baroque churches built in the territory of the Broumov Abbey and designed by Christoph Dientzenhofer and his son Killian Ignatius form a unique architectural landmark of the region.

Basilica of St. Margaret

You will find it on the premises of the Prague Břevnov Monastery; it is its heart and the dominant feature. You can see the Baroque church, a crypt from the 11th century and the monastery building with a hall decorated in the Baroque style during regular weekend tours.