The Genius of Mucha

The Genius of Mucha

Explore places that inspired the phenomenal poster designer

The Genius of Mucha
The colossal Slav Epic, the stained-glass window of St. Vitus Cathedral, or an exhibition of original artwork never seen by the public before. Travel through Czechia in the footsteps of genius Alfons Mucha.

Paris – A Fateful Encounter

Alfons Mucha might have been remembered today as one of the many Czech artists trying to make their dream come true in Paris if it weren’t for his legendary poster for the Gismonda play starring Sarah Bernhardt. She literally became his femme fatale, and the poster was so popular with the Parisians that some collectors bribed the bill stickers to give them the poster or cut them out with a razorblade at night! You can see the most famous posters by Mucha at the Mucha Museum at the Kounic Palace in Panská Street in the centre of Prague. Besides the posters, you can also admire his oil paintings and drawings. The exhibition also includes photographs and personal items from his life.

Family Collection Treasures Unseen to the World

Mucha, A Family Collection is an exhibition of Alfons Mucha’s artwork never seen before, and it is open until the end of October 2022. The story of the world-famous and renowned artist is told through selected paintings, sculptures, photographs and stylish advertising items from the Mucha family collection, the largest and most extensive collection of Mucha’s work in the world. Some originals will be presented to the public for the very first time and you should be there! Over two hundred collection items will be presented at the exhibition.

Mucha’s Lifework Back in Moravia

In 2021, the Slav Epic, a series of twenty monumental paintings inspired by the Slavic mythology and history moved from Prague to the Moravský Krumlov chateau. The Epic will stay there at least until 2026.

Our Tip!

Prague City Tourism has prepared four theme-based walks through Prague: In the Footsteps of Mucha’s Design, Mucha’s Prague, The Greatest Czech Art Nouveau Artist and In the Footsteps of Alfons Mucha through Prague. Experienced guides will take you through the Municipal House decorated with beautiful frescos by Mucha, or St. Vitus Cathedral with a unique window that the fabulous artist designed himself. You can also try the Moravian Mucha Trail that will take you through the surroundings of Mikulov and his birth town of Ivančice.