Soar up to the Clouds with Us!

Soar up to the Clouds with Us!

Tips for great trips for all fans of aviation

Soar up to the Clouds with Us!
Learn about the legends that ruled the sky, observe the world from a hot-air balloon basket, or try a flight simulator!

Blériot Propellers and the Only Operable Wright in the World

Start at the Aviation Museum in Prague Kbely. It is one of the largest museums of its kind in Europe thanks to the number of exhibits and quality of its collections. You will find airplanes there, as well as aircraft armament, pilot equipment, uniforms, banners, awards and other artefacts related to the history of Czechoslovak and Czech aviation. Don’t miss the Ing. Jan Kašpar Aviation Museum at the airport in East Bohemian Pardubice. Inside the former hangar you’ll see operable replicas of historical aircraft, even the original propeller that drove the Blériot legend of Czech aviation, Jan Kašpar, or the local rarity the only operable replica of the Wright plane in the world! The museum in Kunovice mostly has cargo planes, the one in Vyškov special military planes. The Aviation Museum in Mladá Boleslav contains dozens of historical and modern machines, as well as several simulators where you can try piloting a plane, parachuting or astronaut training.

NATO Day Crowd-pullers: the Eurofighter and the French Rafale

The greatest aviation military event in Europe takes place on 17 and 18 September at the Mošnov Airport near Ostrava. The show includes the Czech Air Force Day where aerobatic squadrons show what they can do. This year’s crowd-pullers include the Austrian Eurofighter and the French Rafale, which is the only non-US machine able to land on US ships!

Up to the Clouds? Go for It!

All adventurers should try a hot-air balloon cruise at least once in their lifetime. Sightseeing balloon tours around the Konopiště Chateau or flights in the Bohemian Paradise, where the countryside is ideal for this form of sightseeing, are very popular.

Our Tip
Tickets with the company “Hoši v koši” Boys in the Basket can be purchased for individuals and private flights with the option to choose the starting point. Some regional airports then offer the option to fly in a small airplane, so-called ultralight, with a qualified instructor. Such flights are offered, for example, by the Znojmo airport in South Moravia.

A Pilot or Astronaut on Trial? No Problem!

Would you like to feel like an astronaut for a bit? No problem! There are several freefall simulators in the Czech Republic – such as in Prague Letňany – where you can feel what an astronaut or parachutist feels! Or do you prefer to control a heavy machine in the air? You’ll find flight simulators in Prague, Brno or Hradec Králové. It’s only up to you if you want to pilot a Boeing 737 full of passengers or a fighter jet from WWII and experience what it was like for Czech RAF pilots!