Cheb Is Celebrating! The European Heritage Days Are Starting

Cheb Is Celebrating! The European Heritage Days Are Starting

Explore landmarks from a different angle!

Cheb Is Celebrating! The European Heritage Days Are Starting
Every September, the European Heritage Days open the gates of the most interesting landmarks, buildings, objects and spaces, including those that are not accessible to the public. You can visit most of them for free. This year’s European Heritage Days take place between 10 and 18 September, with an opening ceremony in the city of Cheb that celebrates the 700th anniversary of its accession to Bohemia!

Seeking Common European Roots

The European Heritage Days remind us that the European civilisation has a common history and give us an opportunity to explore the European roots thanks to various events, exhibitions or celebrations and learn both about the differences and similarities between the European nations. This year, the Czech Republic is presiding the European Council from July to December so dozens of landmarks are well-prepared for the European Heritage Days! Interesting and extraordinary architectural sights, museums, galleries, libraries, technical monuments and other interesting spaces across the country will open to the public. Many of them will have free admission during this week! This year’s topic is Sustainable Heritage.

Go Back to the Middle Ages in Cheb!

This year, Cheb is hosting the national opening of the European Heritage Days! Why this West Bohemian city? Cheb is celebrating 700 years of permanent accession of the Cheb Region to the lands of the Bohemian Crown that happened in 1322. The celebrations of this important anniversary will culminate in September at the opening of the European Heritage Days that the city has been assigned to organise in relation to the anniversary. At this occasion, there will a unique exhibition of the Czech crown jewels, the originals of which are permanently stored in St. Vitus Cathedral at the Prague Castle. You can see the precise copies of the jewels in St. Clare’s Church in Cheb until 11 September. And what else can you look forward to in Cheb on the weekend of 10 and 11 September? For example, video-mapping about the history of the city, a historical procession through the city centre, a jousting tournament or a beer festival.


A Tour of Brewery or Underground? Events Not to Be Missed

Where to go during the European Heritage Days? There are only a few dozens of open monuments or events in the Czech Republic. So, how to choose? See our tips below!

Guided tours of the Pardubice brewery (10/ 9)

Explore the Pardubice brewery with more than 150 years of history
Beer has been brewed in Pardubice for many centuries, dating back to the beginning of the 14th century. Learn about the history and present during guided tours of the brewery. The tour also includes tasting of the Pardubice beer in the lager cellars!

Chrudim underground tour (10/9, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.)

Discover the mysterious world under the ground!
The east Bohemian historical town of Chrudim has prepared a special tour of the underground cellars in the centre within the European Heritage Days, including wine tasting and a wine shop.

Duchcov Waldstein underground tours (17–18/9)

Walk through underground cellars with history!
The chateau underground tours organised at the occasion of the European Heritage Days will take you to the underground spaces right below the main chateau wing and the Casanova wing. You can look forward to seeing the wine or storage cellars that have a very interesting history, just like the chateau. Would you like to know why the underground spaces were built, what they were used for during WWII or how the chateau lost its last chateau wine? If so, don’t miss these special tours!

European Heritage Days at the New Town Hall in Prague (10–18/9)

Visit one of the most important Czech Gothic landmarks!
Get a discount during the European Heritage Days off your visit to the New Town Hall in Prague, a 670-year-old landmark that has witnessed the most important events in the Czech history. The Lookout Tower will be open to the public, as well as the permanent exposition in the tower guard’s flat, the gallery, the popular Invisible Exhibition, thanks to which you’ll get to experience what the blind people do, and you can also visit two concerts – by Slovak multi-instrumentalist Maok on 15 September, and the Lieder Company – Known Unknown concert of classical music on 18 September.