It’s the World Water Day Today!

It’s the World Water Day Today!

Get carried away by the beauty of Czech rivers, ponds and lakes!

It’s the World Water Day Today!
Czechia is called the “roof of Europe” for a reason. Many different rivers originate here and the country lies at the watershed of three seas – Northern, Baltic and Black. Read our tips to discover interesting city corners near rivers or take a trip to one of the beautiful lakes, ponds or along rivers that form the one-of-a-kind character of the Czech countryside.

The Deep Eyes of Prague Embankment

Beautiful Czech cities are criss-crossed by rivers with embankments perfect for pleasant strolls and for exploring historical centres from a different angle. You’ll love the Prague embankment. Not only for its pleasant everyday atmosphere or the Saturday farmer’s market, but also thanks to the ‘cells’. They used to serve as wood and other shipment storage and today you will find vibrant bars, cafés and galleries behind their ‘glazed eyes’– which are, by the way, the largest windows of this type in the world.

Oldest, Largest, Longest

The embankment in South Bohemian Písek is also charming and you can see the oldest stone bridge in Czechia up close there. The East Bohemian Hradec Králové will amaze you with its modernistic buildings from the first half of the 20th century, looking down at River Elbe in the city centre. This place is truly alive especially in summer when many different markets and various cultural events take place in their shade. The Central Bohemian spa of Poděbrady further down Elbe River also offers a beautiful and easy-going trip or you can visit Mělník with a chateau rising high above the confluence of Elbe and Vltava, two largest Czech rivers.

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Find the Hotspot!

A stroll along the river bank in the UNESCO-inscribed spa of Karlovy Vary in West Bohemia is also quite impressive. Hot mineral water from thermal springs flows into River Teplá (teplá in Czech means ‘warm’), creating clouds of steam all around… The river surroundings have been transformed into a pleasant promenade thanks to the spa tourism. Just grab one of the typical porcelain cups with a small ‘beak’ to taste the water from the springs and enjoy the atmosphere!

On Bike With the Stream

Fancy a bike trip? How about one of the cycling trails along a river? If you choose the right direction, from the spring to one of the confluences, you can look forward to an easy ride. Where to go?