Royal Silvering of Kutná Hora
This colorful and lighthearted Gothic festival symbolically opens the tourist season in Kutná Hora, which is registered as a UNESCO site. Czech King Václav IV arrives in the city with Queen Žofia of Bavaria and officials and courtiers. The park under the Italian Court and Gothic streets of the historic center come alive with the color of the Middle Ages.
The festivities include spectacular parades, a historical fair, jousting tournament and folk gaiety. The climax of Saturday’s program is a magical midsummer feast, topped off with fire-effects and festive fireworks that illuminate the tower of the Church of St. James and the Royal Mint in Italian Court. On Sunday, the city awakes to the bells announcing the traditional silver Mass held in the magnificent Gothic Church of St. Barbora. The colorful atmosphere of tournaments, festivals, games and medieval theater is underscored by a major and stylish historic market and contemporary specialties.