Gigathlon Czech Republic
Quite normal is Gigathlon in Switzerland. Normal is one discipline or maybe the triathlon. Normally the competition lasts one day. Gigathlon Czech Republic is in all its ways unique sports experience.
It is leaving the regular paths and usual ideas and it is going "Off the Main Road". Team spirit and excitement comes before the desire for victory. Gigathlon Czech Republic is brining a new sports concept with the Swiss tradition. The routs will take you into the most beautiful spots of the region.

Signing up for a Gigathlon lets you challenge your own limits, experience great team spirit or simply live your active lifestyle to the fullest. All in all Gigathlon stands for one big family whose members meet each year with a single passion that unites all: to get the best possible experience out of this sports and social event.

Swimming, inline skating or running? Or do you prefer mountain biking or road cycling? The Gigathlon combines all of these disciplines. During the two competition days all five disciplines have to be completed. It is possible to compete with a handbike instead of inline skates.