Set out in search of the turbulent history of the Bunč Guesthouse, which enjoyed both fame and also darker periods. From 1924 onwards, it was used by pilgrims and in the 30s the famous industrialist Tomáš Baťa prepared a project for the first Czech motorway, which was supposed to lead directly through Bunč, so the hikers were pushed out for a while by heavy machinery.
In 1945, the Nazis burned Bunč to the ground and, after the war, the building was renovated. The Jelínek Restaurant with its open fireplace is part of the Bunč Guesthouse. The locals recommend you have a few glasses of their renowned plum brandy here after a nice meal, such as grilled carp with dill sauce.


Lesní penzion Bunč ***
Roštín 66
768 03 Roštín