Eight metres of width. This is how much space architect Bohuslav Fuchs had when restaurant owner Miroslav Kostelecký contacted him in 1926 and asked him to design a hotel on the plot of a former Classicist tavern.
The originally medieval plot had one significant advantage, though – even though there was only little space facing the main street, there was enough for the building to stretch out to the back. The architect thus proposed a design of Europe’s narrowest hotel – 8x34 m. The hotel has eight floors but certain structures cross several at a time, as inspired by the famous Le Corbusier. The first two floors served as a café and the rest provided for a total of 50 rooms. Thanks to the unique design, the hotel became one of the icons of Brno’s avant-garde architecture. Also take a good look at the famous hotel logo above the front entrance. Unfortunately, you cannot sleep in the hotel or enjoy a cup of coffee in its restaurant – the building is temporarily closed to the public, waiting for a reconstruction.