Technical Museum in Brno

Technical Museum in Brno

Fans of technology and DIY simply have to visit this museum. You can look forward to seeing historical vehicles, a blacksmith’s shop, steam engines, and much more.

A blacksmith’s shop, an old iron mill, steam engines, or a water mill, the history of aviation, or an exposition dedicated to making cutlery. In short, the Technical Museum in Brno has a lot to offer, and it is worth visiting the South Moravian capital because of it. At present, the Museum has almost twenty permanent expositions in addition to other exhibitions and six technical monuments.

Oldest Czechoslovak microscope and playroom for children

The Technical Museum in Brno is quite young. There were several efforts to establish it as early as in 1924, but it was not founded until twelve years later in 1936, and the Museum began to fully develop its activity in 1948. In the mid-1990s, the Museum moved to a new building in Královo Pole (Purkyňova 105).

The Museum primarily focuses on mapping the development of science and technology and industrial production in a wide range of almost thirty different fields – starting with handmade manufacture and ending with modern computer technology. The Museum also includes a development series of cameras with the label “Made in Morava”, radio receivers, office technology and craft technology – blacksmithing, a wheelwright’s shop, barbershop, cabinet-making, and others. You will also see a total of nine electron microscopes there, the oldest being a Tesla BS 242 – the first series-manufactured microscope in the former Czechoslovakia! The kids will definitely appreciate the Technical Playroom where they can learn about the various laws of physics through play.

Tour a blacksmith’s shop or an iron mill

The six technical monuments are the true treasure. They are historical production objects in the place where they originally existed. All of them can be found in the South Moravian Region. They are: the Old Iron Mill in Josefov with an exposition of blacksmithing, the Blacksmith’s Shop in Těšany with an exposition of blacksmithing and a wheelwright’s shop, the Wind Mill in Kuželov with an exposition of wind milling, the Water Mill in Slup with an exposition of the milling technology, the Area of Czechoslovak Defences in Šatov and Šlakhamr (Iron Mill) in Hamry nad Sázavou.