Where would you find the world's 3rd oldest existing car manufacturer? In Kopřivnice! And right in its historic foundries, a great museum where you can see more than 80 trucks, including the car with which the Czech legendary racer Karel Loprajs won the Ralley Dakar, has been created.

Tatra (officially TATRA TRUCKS) is a Czech manufacturer of trucks, military and special vehicles, which has been operating in Kopřivnice since 1897. The only older brands are Peugeot (1889) and Mercedes-Benz, formerly Daimler (1886)! And it is Tatra trucks that the new Kopřivnice museum exhibition is dedicated to. You can look forward to all kinds of trucks - utility ones, firefighting, military, racing, expedition, and other special prototypes.

Virtual reality is also part of the museum. You scan a QR code on a borrowed tablet and voilà, a whole truck grows on the chassis on display right in front of your eyes. And that's just one of the many virtual tricks!

Orient Express services on the Czechoslovak Legendary Bullet Train

A huge attraction is also the historical high-speed bullet train Slovenská Strela (Slovak Bullet) located in the glass building next to the museum. This motor car, which ran between Prague and Bratislava, was completed in March 1936. In the same month, it set the Czechoslovak speed record with a speed of 146 km/h. Interestingly, in the 1930s, the service for passengers during the journey was provided by the same company that was providing this service on the Orient Express.

By the way, another Czech phenomenon was born in Kopřivnice - the legendary Olympic champion Emil Zátopek.