Kampa Museum

Kampa Museum

A feast for all the senses: an overview of modern European art in a place full of romance and magical views in the heart of Prague.

Located on the banks of the romantic Kampa Island, a place with unique views of the Vltava River, Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, Sova Mills has, since the start of the third millennium, been home to Kampa Museum, a museum of modern European Art.

Its collections were put together, and subsequently gifted to the Czech Republic, by Czech art collector Meda Mládková and her husband, Jan. The jewel in the crown of the collections is the comprehensive set of works by pioneer of abstract art, František Kupka, and bronze Cubist statues by the sculptor Otto Gutfreund. A number of temporary exhibitions of work by artists from both the Czech Republic and abroad take place in the museum every year. The museum also includes a restaurant serving traditional Czech cuisine.


Museum Kampa - Nadace Jana a Medy Mládkových
U Sovových Mlýnů 2
118 00 Praha 1