Retromuseum in Prague

Retromuseum in Prague

Visit the largest retro museum in the Czech Republic

The museum covers more than 2,500 square meters and is divided into 5 main areas, mapping the everyday life, design and trends in Czechoslovakia in the 70s and 80s.
The first part is focused on replicas of apartments with original objects that will show visitors how people lived in blocks of flats, or a replica of a period office for architects and show how they worked under socialism.
The second part will introduce you to clothing from Svit, Elite or Úbok. We will also present production cooperatives, but above all furniture cooperatives, starting with UP Rousínov, Hikor Písek, or Dřevotvar from Jablonné nad Orlicí, and we will show you the best products of contemporary designers.

The exhibits in the third part are focused on everyday life, such as camping, television advertising, shopping, school, leisure activities and sports.
The fourth part focuses on the design of children's toys, to the useful design of electronics or consumer goods sold in the Kotva department store.

The last part will focus on the politics of the 70's and 80's, which will show and explain the functioning of secret security, wiretapping of dissidents and Czechoslovak socialist propaganda, so that a visitor who has not experienced this time can form his own opinion.



Retromuzeum Prague
OD Kotva - 4th floor
náměstí Republiky 656/8
110 00 Prague 1