Monument to Great Moravia in Staré Město

Monument to Great Moravia in Staré Město

Walk through Great Moravia in the shoes of the ancient prince!

You can learn about the history of the Great Moravian Empire, one of the oldest Slavic states, at the fortified settlement in Mikulčice and in Staré Město near Uherské Hradiště. The Great Moravia Monument will take you back to Central Europe as it looked more than a thousand years ago, in the 9th century.

Monument at the old cemetery

There are places in today’s Staré Město where in the 9th century Veligrad, one of the main centers of Great Moravia, stood. The monument is located in Na Valách over the foundations of a church. It was surrounded by a large cemetery where both nobles, buried with their weapons and jewelry, were interred side-by-side with ordinary farmers and craftsmen. The Na Valách burial site represents the largest necropolis of Great Moravia.

The exhibition focuses primarily on East Moravia, on Great Moravian settlements with centers in Uherske Hradište, and on religious structures in Modré near Velehrad and in Hradisek of St. Kliment at Osvětimany.

A story from times long ago

A multimedia exhibition that will take you more than a thousand years back tells the story of one of the men buried in the 9th century cemetery Na Valách. Impressive dioramas with life-size figures will acquaint you with his life from birth and childhood, his acceptance among warriors, and his family life and old age. You will learn about the ordinary and festive life of the inhabitants of Great Moravia, how our ancestors lived, what their activities were and everything they knew how to make. The exhibition includes replicas of period clothing, shoes, precious jewelry, tools and archaeological finds, models of reconstructed churches, fortifications, and a mockup of Veligrad at that time. Touch screen tutorials are available in the lobby, and you can view a film about the Great Moravian Empire.


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