Hop and Beer Temple

Hop and Beer Temple

Discover the beer tradition at the Žatec Hop Museum and the Hop and Beer Temple

Do you want to submerge yourself in the exciting world of hop-growing and beer brewing? Then don’t pass up the opportunity to visit the Hop Museum and the Hop and Beer Temple in Žatec. The museum’s exposition, the largest of its kind in the world, will acquaint you with the development of hop-growing from the early Middle Ages to the present. At the Hop and Beer Temple you will find an entertaining and educational display that will guide you through the world of beer.

The building of the Hop Museum is a prime example of functional industrial architecture. On the tour you will see interesting collections relating to the cultivation of hops and will learn about the most important figures of Czech hop-growing – and of course you will taste the outstanding local beer made from the world-famous variety of Žatec hops called červeňák (Semi-Early Red-Bine). In addition to the museum itself you will see a series of packing houses, unique hop drying rooms and storage warehouses.

You will be guided through the entire exposition by an elf named Hop, who will introduce you to all aspects of growing, harvesting and processing of the region’s major crop. During a visit to Žatec, you simply cannot miss a visit to the Hop Museum!

Then it’s on to the neighbouring Hop and Beer Temple, where an entertaining and educational exhibition awaits. The first stop is the Hop Lighthouse, which offers a beautiful view of Žatec. You reach the top in a 3D elevator, which shows you the city from a birds-eye perspective. After your descent you will find yourself in a labyrinth of sacks used for storing hops. Once you manage to navigate your way to the end of the maze, you will be rewarded with the “Žatec treasure”.

During the tour you will peek into an alchemist’s workshop, you will see the largest hop cone made of crystal, and you will also receive a commemorative rubber stamp. You will learn about the history and tales of the Žatec Region in the Knights’ Hall. The tour ends with a look into the workings of the Hop Astronomical Clock and a pleasant retreat to the brewery restaurant.


Náměstí Prokopa Velkého 1951, 438 01 Žatec