East Bohemia

East Bohemia

The cultural wealth of East Bohemia

East Bohemia can boast not only folk and folklore traditions, including handicraft production, but also an unrivalled number of castles, chateaux, church monuments and attractive gems of Renaissance, Baroque, Art Nouveau and also modern interwar architecture. You can admire beautiful folk architecture at Veselý Kopec, in the urban monument zone in Hradec Králové or Pardubice, or set out on safari to Dvůr Králové. Travel East Bohemia from one end to the other!

The beautiful countryside and the healthy environment of the lowlands, foothills and mountains challenge you to enjoy some active tourism.

Romance in the rocks and the mysterious mummy

The entrance to the area of the rock formations is the town of Adršpach, in the background of which the breathtaking rock formations rise to the heavens. Nature trails lead through the rocks, which provide you with an insight into the natural beauties of the Adršpach Rocks. You can set out in search of history, architecture and art to Kuks, where great interest is excited by the gallery of statues of the Virtues and Vices from the workshop of the sculptor M. B. Braun. Another unforgettable experience is a visit to Broumov Monastery, in whose cellars you can find 34 mummified inhabitants of Vamberk, the most famous of which being the lace worker Magdalena Grambová.

The history of construction in Hradec Králové

Hradec Králové, one of the oldest cities in Bohemia, has an interesting construction history. In the 18th century, Hradec was a Baroque military fortress. However, this calling was never fulfilled. The new face of the city was influenced by the architects Jan Kotěra and Josef Gočár, who used only red fired bricks for construction of their buildings, thanks to which the city began to be called the “Salon of the Republic”. The name of Pardubice is on the other hand linked to the Velká pardubická, the oldest and most difficult continental cross-country steeplechase. Every year, the Shrovetide procession, which is also included in the UNESCO list, passes through Veselý Kopec, the unique local open-air museum.

What else to visit?

The memorable Czech city of Litomyšl is a centre of culture and education. Thanks to its historical importance, a remarkable chateau with a diverse history was established here. When you have had enough of architectural gems, you can visit the Zoo in Dvůr Králové, which was reorganised over time into a safari specialising in African animals held in open enclosures.