Golden Lane

Golden Lane

The picturesque tiny houses huddling in the shadow of the majestic Prague Castle have been standing here for 500 years.

When visiting Prague Castle, make sure you don’t miss the charming Golden Lane. The doll-like houses are situated opposite Rosenberg Palace, not far from the Saint Vitus Cathedral, in the eastern part of the largest castle complex in the world. In Golden Lane you won’t find pavements covered with gold, but what you will encounter is a lot of legends and a genuine 16th century atmosphere.

Why Golden?

According to myths and legends, alchemists in the service of Emperor Rudolf II used to work here attempting to make gold. The less romantic version has it that Golden Lane was home to goldsmiths as well as servants and castle marksmen, simply staff, who admittedly were indispensable for the running of the castle, however for whom the luxury of the grandiose halls of Prague Castle  was unattainable. When you visit Golden Lane, it will be up to you which version you will choose to believe. A proven fact is that the miniature houses were lived in from no later than the 16th century until the end of World War II. But even before the war, the local residents were obliged to preserve the picturesque romantic look of Golden Lane.

Who Used to Live Here?

To tell the truth, it is not certain whether alchemists ever dwelled in Golden Lane, but we know for sure that it often used to be a home to writers – the local atmosphere probably had a great effect on their creative juices. Just before World War I, House No. 22 was lived in by the world famous writer Franz Kafka. House No. 12 witnessed meetings between the Czech Nobel Prize Winner in Literature, Jaroslav Seifert and other writers.

What Can One See?

When exploring Golden Lane you will learn a thing or two about life several centuries ago. You will peep into the alchemist’s laboratory, goldsmith’s workshop and medieval tavern, then you can take a look into the pots of herbs of a wise woman and at the cards of a celebrated fortune teller. You will also discover what food was prepared for prisoners held under the nearby Daliborka Tower. You will cast your eyes on the miniature furniture of the tiny rooms and wonder if anyone could ever have fitted in there. To put it simply, in Golden Lane you will experience a more fairytale-like atmosphere than anywhere else in Prague. The recently opened exposition that will transport you back to the 16th century will allow you to see inside 9 of the 16 houses. Golden Lane is a part of the Prague Castle sightseeing routes, but in the evening hours you can get in free of charge. Opening hours may differ depending on the season.


Zlatá ulička u Daliborky, Praha