VIDA! is a science theme park at the Brno Fairgrounds in Moravia, designed for children and parents alike. Every visitor will learn something new about the world, technology, science and human body. The area over 6,200 m² offers more than 180 interactive exhibits, thanks to which you can explore how the world around us works.
The permanent exposition is divided into six thematic sections: Planet, Civilisation, People, Micro-world, Children’s Science Centre for ages 2 to 6, and Outdoor Exposition, open from May to September. But you can also look forward to a permanent exposition where you can experience an earthquake or flood or examine the human heart. The accompanying programme of the Vida! park consists of shows full of science experiments, 3D films, laboratories for families with children, a special space for DIY and VIDA! After Dark events for adult visitors. Moreover, the temporary exhibitions at the VIDA! science centre, available in the spacious gallery, change twice a year. Most of the legends are available in English and German.


Moravian Science Centre Brno
Křížkovského 554/12
603 00 Brno