Ostrava Science and Technology Center

Ostrava Science and Technology Center

Technology and science in a historical setting

You can find the popular Science and Technology Centre in Dolní Vítkovice in Ostrava. Interesting things from science and technology are presented in two buildings – the main Science and Technology Centre and U6.
The main Science and Technology Centre in Ostrava has three sections with permanent expositions on an area of 14,000 m² – the Children’s World, the World of Science and Inventions, and the World of Nature – and another part where temporary exhibitions take place. You can find out how a city or a human body work, fly to the prehistoric times to visit mammoths in a time machine and understand what a rainbow is, or how a storm happens.

And what about the U6 Centre? You will find it in the nearby historical hall built in 1938. You can uncover the secrets of technical inventions and walk through the history of technological progress from the Industrial Revolution to the present times. There are two impressive 900-tonne blowers from 1938 and 1948 that used to supply compressed air to the furnace where iron ore was melted, and steel produced. The adventure and touch exposition starts with an invention that gave rise to the Industrial Revolution: the steam engine, and its subsequent use in many technical fields. It is followed by a weaving loom and other inventions in mechanical engineering, such as working tools. Visitors will see the journey from the production of iron to its transformation into steel, and a demonstration of electricity production. The exhibition uses the name of Jules Verne’s books that become synonyms for the individual periods of development of technology and industry. The exhibits are freely accessible to everyone. Both centres have legends in English and Polish. You can book the service of a private English guide if you like.


Svět Techniky - Dolní Vítkovice
Vítkovice 3004
703 00 Ostrava