Chateau St. Havel

Chateau St. Havel

Chateau St. Havel – the romance of a chateau restaurant

Anyone looking for a tranquil spot within striking distance of the capital will like this fully renovated neo-Gothic chateau set in an English-style chateau park. The chateau houses a renowned restaurant where you can sample superb Czech cuisine with a modern twist.

It goes without saying that we prepare light meals prepared using seasonal produce. Whether you go for the duck liver pâté fragranced with so-called “straw wine” and many different herbs, served in a green salad dressed with raspberry vinegar and homemade orange marmalade, or slow-roasted rabbit leg in mustard and rings of kohlrabi cooked in pumpkin seed oil, fresh garlic-infused spinach and served with shallots caramelized in white wine, you’re certain to be highly satisfied with the standard of food, the atmosphere of the chateau restaurant and our professional service.


Chateau St. Havel ****
Před nádražím 6
140 00 Praha 4