You’ll find the chateau restaurant and a Bohemian tavern housed within the chateau in Vlašim, which stands in the centre of this picturesque town. Seated in the pleasant interior of the restaurant you’re certain to find something you fancy from the selection of mains and desserts.
In addition to the traditional sirloin in cream sauce served with homemade bread-based dumplings and wild cranberry sauce, you may also be tempted by the potato-dough ravioli filled with country cheese, swimming in a jam-based sauce and sprinkled with sweet breadcrumbs. In addition to the extended range of beers at the tavern, you can also choose dishes that go well with beer such as beer cheese spread served with pickled onions and fresh bread. A pleasant surprise for all guaranteed.


Restaurace U Blanických rytířů
Zámek 1
258 01 Vlašim