Buchlov Castle hides many secrets: an Egyptian mummy and the ghost of a White Lady. Construction of the royal fortress castle in the gently undulating landscape of Moravian Slovakia started in the 13th century and you can learn about the history of artistic styles right up to the 19th century in its development.

A rare Egyptology collection is hidden deep in its bowels and there is also the legend of the Black Lady Catherine, whose ghost haunts the castle at night. When you to discover the castle, don’t forget the tower, from which you can look out far and wide over the surrounding scenery. We recommend combining this with a visit to the nearby Buchlovice Chateau.

Not far from the castle is the town of Uherské Hradiště, where you can find the Museum of Moravian Slovakia with its ethnographic and architectural collections, as well as wine cellars in the Mařatice municipal district. In addition to wine, you can also encounter folk architecture sights there.