Landštejn Castle

Landštejn Castle

The land route brought big wealth to the Lords of the castle

Its trail was a source of permanent confl icts with equally powerful neighbours, the Lords of Hradec. The confl ict led to a regular war and at the end to a personal duel of implacable opponents, in which Vilém of Landštejn was mortally wounded. The route was diverted in a diff erent direction and the castle lost its significance.

Why visit:

A huge royal castle in the unspoiled nature of the most Southern edge of Bohemia, called for its harsh climate “Czech Canada”, ranks among the most signifi cant Romanesque historic monuments in Central Europe. It was built in the 13th century for the protection of an important trade route and the border between the Czech lands and Austria. Even though only a monumental ruin has remained, it still commands respect with its plain architecture meeting defensive purposes.

Thanks to extensive archaeological research and exhibitions it is possible to get a picture of the luxurious life of inhabitants of the castle in the 13th and 14th centuries. They belonged to the then social elite and led an expensive life made more pleasant by luxurious utility items, artefacts and amenities of that time.