The romantic château hotel of Hrubá Skála stands atop a sandstone rock, about 6 km south-east of Turnov in North Bohemia. You can get a beautiful view of the local rock formations from the Lookout Tower, as well as from the modern reconstructed hotel studios and luxurious rooms in a historical style.
Hrubá Skála, situated between the historical castles of Trosky and Valdštejn, also used to be a castle. It was founded by Hynek of Valdštejn in the 14th century, who came from a prominent Czech family. The building was later managed by the Smiřický family at the time when their feudal domain belonged to the largest ones in Central Europe. At the end of the 16th century, they had the castle converted into a Renaissance château. After a fire in 1710, it was reconstructed again, this time in a Baroque style, and finally, in the mid-19th century, it was converted in the Neo-Gothic style that we admire today. It became a popular tourist destination and an attractive scenery in several Czech films for children.  

At present, the château is used as a multi-purpose building, which is a part of the Czech hotel chain, EA Hotels. It provides hotel and congress services, organises social events for companies, as well as for the public. There are 98 beds in the hotel, 39 beds in the hostel, and conference rooms in the château halls. There is a hotel restaurant, a wellness centre, and adrenaline lovers can enjoy the those who enjoy the rope climbing park above the château moat. Visitors and guests of the château hotel can access the courtyards and the lookout tower with a beautiful view of the dominant features of the Bohemian Paradise.

The château park is surrounded with beautiful nature and regular cultural and social events take place there. Near the château, there is a marked hiking trail that leads through a narrow rock gorge called the Mouse Hole to the centre of the Dragon Rocks in the Rock City, and to the Sedmihorky Spa.