Nové Hrady Chateau

Nové Hrady Chateau

Visit Little Versailles of East Bohemia

The chateau in Nové Hrady, a tiny town near Litomyšl, is one of the few typically Rococo heritage buildings in the Czech Republic. The building, constructed in 1774-1777, was designed in the style of French summer residences. It is thus often nicknamed Little Schönbrunn based on the palace in Vienna, or Czech Versailles based on the French royal chateau.  
The Nové Hrady chateau in East Bohemia includes the chateau compound, an entrance gate with sculptural decorations, a French garden with administrative buildings, a granary and an English park with Baroque stations of the cross leading to the remnants of an original Gothic castle, a vegetable garden, an open-air theatre, and a newly established maze.

The story of the chateau

If you do a tour of the chateau, you will see a permanent exhibition of furniture art. Visitors can also have a look in the owners’ private chambers. The chateau is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Kučera, who bought it as a decaying building in 1997 and restored the chateau to its original appearance with their own resources. The chateau is also a venue for a part of the international opera festival Smetana’s Litomyšl.
The former granary building in the chateau garden contains the First Czech Cycling Museum, featuring exhibits from the mid 19th century to the present. The ground floor is reserved for velocipedes from more than a century ago, including unique accessories such as original cycling maps, carbide and oil lamps. Do not miss the prizes from the earliest races organized in the Czech Lands.

Another sight worth seeing is the chateau stables and the nearby deer and fallow deer farm. Romantic weddings take place at the castle almost every weekend in summer.

Must-sees in the vicinity

The picturesque town of Litomyšl is situated about 20 km from the chateau, featuring on the UNESCO cultural heritage list thanks to its Renaissance chateau and the chateau hill. Litomyšl is worth spending more than a day in. The chateau hill has recently been renovated, and the local cafés will easily make you lose all sense of time. It is for a good reason that Litomyšl is dubbed the “Soul Spa”.

The whole Nové Hrady chateau compound is set in a beautiful landscape little impacted by humans. Nearby is the protected natural formation Toulovcovy maštale, comprising sandstone rocks.


Zámek Nové Hrady, Zámek 1, 539 45 Nové Hrady