Chateau Třeboň

Chateau Třeboň

Not even Petr Vok, an educated and art-loving feudal lord, so charming and attractive to women, had children, and so after his death in 1611 the 400 year course of the aristocratic family of Rožmberks through the Czech history ended

The results of their presence in the Southern Bohemia are a large number of fish breeding ponds that generated a substantial part of their profits and gave the countryside an unrepeatable charm.

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Not even three groups of ten alchemists headed by the famous Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley invited to Třeboň by Vilém of Rožmberk were able to prepare a potion guaranteeing the birth of a descendant. He died childless and his younger brother Petr Vok inherited his vast estate, but also his debts. He gradually sold several family residences and moved with his entire court to Třeboň, which he got rebuilt in Renaissance style for his comfort and the storing of a unique archive and collections only commensurate with collections of the Emperor Rudolf II at the Prague Castle.

Renaissance chambers of the Rožmberk nobility and rooms of courtiers and ladies-inwaiting give us the image of the life in noble courts of those days, for example of the rules for the art of fi ne dining and feasting. During holidays it is possible to visit the stables, kitchen just for dogs and underground casemates which were converted into wine cellars later on. Also the tour of the remarkably furnished private suites of the last owners, Schwarzenbergs, is possible.