Chrudim, often called the Athens of East Bohemia, mostly attracts tourists with its puppetry tradition.

The second largest city in the Pardubice region is located only 110 kilometres east of Prague, and it is definitely worth a visit. This charming town offers many interesting sights, as well as medieval streets, the remnants of ramparts and a square with a monumental Gothic cathedral.  
The Cathedral is called the Assumption of the Virgin and it is very old; it was founded before Chrudim was established as a town. The cathedral is located at the main square, which is named after Josef Ressel, a native of Chrudim (1793-1857). Ressel is famous for inventing the ship propeller, and you can find the house he was born in at Široká Street.

Chrudim is mostly known thanks to the Athens of East Bohemia classical music festival and thanks to the art of puppetry. Czech puppetry is registered in the UNESCO Heritage List. There is an annual puppetry festival called Loutkářská Chrudim. However, you can also learn a lot about puppets in Chrudim outside the festival season. In Břetislavova Street, there is the beautiful Renaissance Mydlář House with an arcade loggia, rich sculptural decorations and an unusual tower resembling a minaret. But what is most important – it is the seat of the Chrudim Puppetry Museum with expositions full of puppets, theatres and scene decorations. In total, the Museum boasts about 50,000 exhibition items.
Chrudim has always been a sought-after place and people built a fortified settlement there as early as six or seven thousand years ago.


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